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They say i'm the first of my kind...but really i'm just The Last Survivor...(p.s Deidara is a man believe it!!!)

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Name:   Deidara is total destruction!
Birthday:   1992-08-29
Joined:   2007-07-24
Location:   england
Uploads:   16 graphics 
im not

heyyar me names becky n i luv drawin anime n stuff frm naruto especially sasuke n neji cus ther kwliii i obsessed wiv vampires n think James Marsters(Spike) is sooo phitt!!
i love all rock n heavy metal bands n i love 2 read point horror books n listen 2 slipknot!!!n i relli relli luv naruto especially the uchiha brothers,neji hyuga and deidara cus ther all phitt!! i carnt relli rite nuffin else cus i got soo many profiles iv covered everthin lol!!! x oh n luv ritin emo poems n quotes:
I first realised i loved you when i lost you...



Giving into what has got me
Bleeding, claustrophobic, scarred
Severed me from all emotion
Life is just too fucking hard
SNAP! Your face was all it took
Cuz this need ain't doin' me no good
Fall on my face, but can't you see?
This fucking life is killing me!

Tearing me/ Inside
Tearing me/ Inside
Tearing me/ Inside
Tearing me/ Inside

Too far gone, I'm catatonic
Leaving you to criticize
Empty shell and running naked
All alone, lobotomized
Back and forth between my hang-ups
It isn't easy to be hated
Where do ya go? What do ya do?
Simpleton, impromptu - crazy eight
I never cared - not once - gotta get away

Tearing me / INSIDE
Tearing me/ Inside
Tearing me/ Inside
Tearing me/ Inside

I wasn't promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it - after you're gone

I wasn't promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it - after you're gone


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This is one of the kingdom hearts 3 characters he is called Terra

She is also a kingdom hearts 3 character and she is called Aqua

This is the Supposedly the main character of Kingdom Hearts 3 he resebles Sora and he is called Ven.


Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Age: 15
Birthday: 23 July
Zodiac: Leo
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Kakashi
Teammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura
Family: Uchiha Itachi (elder brother)
Favourite technique: Great Fireball Technique
Background: Sole survivor of the Uchiha clan when his elder brother went on a killing rampage. The Deal with him: Sasuke was a regular adorable ninja student with big dreams of being an excellent ninja like his elder brother. But after Itachi killed their family and screwed up his mind to "live in an unsightly way", Sasuke became cool, and calls himself an 'avenger', whose purpose in life was to kill his brother. For some obscure reason, that made all the girls at the academy fall in love with him. Sasuke first started to use his Sharingan when he fought against Haku with Naruto at Wave Country. His pretty eyes and body attracted the liking of Orochimaru, who wishes to take over his body after he became truly strong. To show his admiration, Orochimaru left a cursed seal after delightfully sinking his fangs into Sasuke's neck, which Kakashi sealed, but threatens to unleash everytime Sasuke gets excited in a fight. After engaging in a precarious fight with Naruto, Sasuke felt inferior as he seemed not to be improving as much as Naruto. Orochimaru took the chance to send the Sound 4 ninjas to convince Sasuke to leave the Leaf village to seek more power from Orochimaru. Thus, Sasuke abandoned Konoha (Sakura's endless whining might have helped him decide to leave in a hurry) and is on his way to the Sound village.

Name:Uchiha Itachi
Age: 17
Birthday: 09 June
Zodiac: Gemini
Rank: S-class Missing Nin
From: LeafFamily: Uchiha Sasuke (little brother)
Side-kick: Kisame
Association: Akatsuki
Famous quote: Foolish brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life.
Achievements: Graduated from the Ninja academy at age 7 with top grades, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, became a Chuunin at age 10, Anbu leader at age 12, wiped out his entire clan and promoted to S-class missing nin at age 13.The Deal with him: Top member of secret society Akatsuki, who even Orochimaru admits is stronger than himself, Itachi is shrouded with mystery. He killed his whole family with the reason that it was to measure his strength. He left his little brother alive after screwing up his mind. Although it seemed that Itachi spared his brother so he could become stronger and thus a worthy opponent someday, we believe that somewhere deep in his very disturbed heart, he loves Sasuke in his own very weird fashion.From someone who killed his whole family, Itachi is surprisingly unconfrontational and unbloodthirsty unlike how one would expect him to be. There were many incidents when he could have easily killed an adversary but instead left them heavily wounded and avoided as many fights as he could. Itachi has issues and it would be delightful when we finally find out why.

Name: Hyuuga Neji
Age: 14
Birthday: 03 July
Zodiac: Gemini
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Maito Gai
Teammates: Rock Lee, Tenten
Family: Hyuuga Hizashi (Father), Hyuuga Hiashi (Uncle), Hyuuga Hinata (cousin), Hyuuga Hanabi (cousin)
Most used technique: Byakugan and Jyuuken
Background: Hyuuga branch family member and the previous year's number 1 rookie from the ninja academy.
The Deal with him: Being a Hyuuga branch family member, Neji's primary function was to protect the Hyuuga head family. However, Neji hates the head family as he believes his father died to protect them and blames destiny that he is fated to be a 'caged bird'. Neji is the genius from his clan. Though just a branch family member, he inherited the bloodline limit strongly and discovered jutsus which ran secret in the head family like the Kaiten.

Name: Deidara
Ring: (Sei, blue/green)
Position: Right index finger
Partner: Sasori
Affiliation: Akatsuki, Nukenin (Missing-nin) from Iwagakure
Signature Ability: Kibaku Nendo (Exploding Clay), Hand-mouths

A Missing-nin from Iwagakure, he is a part of the Akatsuki duo that comes to Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) to kidnap Gaara. A fancy and skillful fighter, with special mouths in the palm of each hand, he is able to manipulate clay into either a flight-capable clay bird that can support him, as well as a huge bomb that is capable to leveling a hidden village. He does this without any exploding tags. Deidara is teamed with Sasori, whom Deidara refers to as Sasori no Danna ("Master Sasori"). This is probably because Deidara has a lot of respect for his fellow artist and because Sasori is, as Deidara says himself, a lot stronger than him. But even though Deidara calls Sasori 'Sasori no Danna' he still argues a lot with Sasori. They often argue about what's art. Deidara thinks art is something that dissapears quickly. Sasori thinks art is something that lasts a long time.

During his fight with Gaara, his left arm is mangled by Gaara's Sabaku Kyū (The Coffin of Crushing Sand), but Deidara still managed to defeat Gaara. Also, Deidara lost his right arm to Hatake Kakashi when Kakashi used his newly obtained Mangekyō Sharingan against him. As a last resort (and keeping with his favorite art form), Deidara blew up one of his bunshin in an attempt to kill everyone else around him. However, his bunshin was teleported away from the scene by Kakashi.

- He tends to end his sentences with "...umm" pronounced in the anime with a nasal "n" sound corresponding with the english "hmmm".
- Like with Haku, there is a lot of confusion over Deidara's gender. Although Deidara has a somewhat feminine appearence and his name is similar to the female name 'Deirdre', his manner of speech, including the masculine pronouns oira (オイラ) and ore (オレ), suggests he's a man.
- Deidara's voice in the anime is distinctly masculine, once again suggesting Deidara's a man. However this could also be because the anime crew wants to keep Deidara's voice secret until he makes his first fully visible appearance.
- Due to the Japanese language's sparse use of, especially third person, pronouns, translators have to use their own ideas of Deidara's gender to make well-flowing sentences. This has caused a lot of confusion, since both he and she are used to refer to Deidara.

1:Kingdom Hearts 2
2:Naruto Ultimate Ninja
3:Kingdom Hearts 1
4:Final Fantasy X
5: Final Fantasy X2

1.Naruto x Hina

OMG can i just say if your a sasuke fan then this will be upsetting cus it made me all sad n depressed after i watched it!! especially the first bit of it:(

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