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Name: Kazuya Regions
Age: -
Likes: His mother, spending time with farrah, blood, and more blood.
Dislikes: His grandfather and great grandfather, and everything else

Name: Sakishi Regions
Age: 18
Dating: Leesha
Likes: hanging out with kami,getting in to trouble, "Adult" music, and hanging with his lame family.
Dislikes: His mothers family,turtles, kami's craziness, zim and dirt.

age: 27
Likes: Girls, and sex.
Dislikes: People
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lemontree writes:
Shiki: *stops himself and calms down, Zero starts to charge forth towards Kaname but he grabs him by the arm* Zero stop! Think about this...think about the girl's lives...*glares at Kaname* He will have them killed inspite us either way....*looks at Zero* He won.......
Kaname: *smirks at them*
Shiki: *glares* But only the battle he has won....he has yet to win the war itself....*turns Zero towards the room Nami's in* Take her back to your dorm and I'll retreive Hitomi and take her back with me....We'll have the girls as long as Kaname is still of this world. *glares at Kaname and growls* Dont think this is over just yet will lose.....when the time comes.
Kaname: *watches after them as they leave with the girls he smirks* Yes, Shiki...when the time comes.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:18:32pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *his eyes turn a bright red from his furious anger* You will regret ever hurting the one who i hold very dear to me Kaname! Hitomi has done nothing to you for her to deserve what you've done! *narrows his glare upon Kaname* You WILL die at my hands. *puts the tip of his finger to his fang and forms his blood whip* I will show you no mercy Kaname!

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:00:14pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: wont have to worry about that ever again....i will always be right here *he holds her tightly and lovingly* I promise to you that i will ease the pain Hitomi. *looks down at her and kisses her softly*
Hitomi: *smiles at him* Shiki....*lays her head on his chest and smiles to herself*
Shiki: *looks over his shoulder because he senses Kaname approaching the cabin...and can feel Zero's anger stirring up more and more. turns to Hitomi* I'll be back alright there's someone here who i have a bone to pick with. *kisses her forehead* I love you. *leaves and stands beside Zero as Kaname appears in front of them*

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:02:28am

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *smells the air around him and his eyes get wide* I-i smell....Hitomi's......blood! *runs throughout the cabin comes to the first locked door and yells her name*
Hitomi: *sits up and wipes away her tears* Shiki?
Shiki: *rips the door off the hinges stands there and he looks upon Hitomi with relief* alright?
Hitomi: *flees into Shiki's arms* Shiki...please dont ever leave me here alone with Kaname again!!
Shiki: *strokes his fingers through her hair* Hitomi?...what happend?
Hitomi: *burried her face into his chest and just cries*

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 12:46:21am

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *finds Zero waiting for him* Glad you waited on me....i dont think either of us could take on Kaname one on one. *looks at Zero and nods to the side* Lets get going...our ladies are waitin on us. *flees into the darkness following the trails of both the girls scents and Kaname's*

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 12:27:52am

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *her eyes flutter open and sees Kaname sitting at the foot of her bed. she lightly smiles at him* Kaname....What took you so long to come back?
Kaname: *sighs and strokes her cheek* dearest apologies for keeping you waiting all this time.
Hitomi: Oh no no its quite alright...please dont apologize to me Kaname. you just had some things to take care of is all. *smiles with understanding at him*
Kaname: *leans in and kisses her forehead* have such a kind heart....and thats why i have deep feelings for you *strokes her cheek and his hand follows down to her neck and he smirks some* Hitomi....*he stares into her eyes* you want me love you?
Hitomi: *blinks at him* Kaname-sama...please...dont...
Kaname: *Forces her down and moves in between her legs making her blush a bright shade of pink he smirks* i like that color on you Hitomi..
Hitomi: Kaname no.....dont do not ready...
Kaname: *eyes glowing red* i will make you ready for me. *lifts her dress and has his way with her, and drinks his fill from her.* Hitomi...i love you..
Hitomi: *tears flowing down her cheeks* Why Kaname? Why did you do this?? *wrapping her arms around herself* it hurts so much...Kaname....?
Kaname: *puts his clothes back on and straightens up himself and leaves Hitomi in pain lying there on the bed* Please forgive me for this...
Hitomi: *begins to cry even more and thinks how stupid she is for being fooled by him* where are you....shiki?

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 12:15:14am

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *nods sadly* Yes...i understand Kaname. Good Night. *she lays back down and closes her eyes*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 11:30:23pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: Kaname! Please.....*nervously* please dont leave me...i dont want to me alone. it would be nice to know that someone is here with me...or atleast until i fall asleep....please Kaname?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 11:27:47pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *blushes* Kaname.....*looks away* i-i-i....*looks at him* that scares me....Kaname.

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 11:22:29pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *sniffles* Kaname....why? Why me?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 10:53:17pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *shakes her head* no Kaname...please dont feel bad for me....really its not in your place im simply a mere human....your so much more above me. *stares at him with tears streaming down her cheeks* Please Kaname.

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 10:48:26pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *saddened* But Kaname i didnt mean that you meant it that just very confused right trying to remember things that i cant, and at the same time figure out what my heart is trying to tell me.....*lowers her head and starts to tear up* i never mean to hurt anyone....honest thats just how it always ends up...*a tear drops from her cheek to her hand* just so sorry.

~the REAL reason my Vampire's can still live on!~
"You think that it's not magic that keeps you alive? Just 'cause you understand the mechanics of how something works, doesn't make it any less of a miracle... which is just another word for magic. We're all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic's just a little different from yours, that's all."
-Bill to Sookie (True Blood)

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 10:21:01pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *confused* Being with you.....? Kaname?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 10:04:59pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *nods* your right....but i just get that way whenever im around someone whos...very...ummm *blushes*ummm....well someone who i find....

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 10:01:33pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *nods* I suppose that explains everything...*smiles* i understand your kinda so much more now....well i meant Vampire's that is....umm not that your like the others...*lowers her head* sorry i babble a lot when im nervous.

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 9:51:59pm
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