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Name: Kazuya Regions
Age: -
Likes: His mother, spending time with farrah, blood, and more blood.
Dislikes: His grandfather and great grandfather, and everything else

Name: Sakishi Regions
Age: 18
Dating: Leesha
Likes: hanging out with kami,getting in to trouble, "Adult" music, and hanging with his lame family.
Dislikes: His mothers family,turtles, kami's craziness, zim and dirt.

age: 27
Likes: Girls, and sex.
Dislikes: People
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punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: -digs her nails into the ground and growls-
-gunshot wizzes by his head-
Canti: -pointing a gun at Ozuru's head- You're on Kobayashi property, Sato.
Nanao: -blinks- Mom?!
Canti: Get home Nanao. -glares at ozuru- I made it clear. Your family's not allowed to hunt anywhere near here.
Nanao: Mom I can handle him.
Canti: Shut up, nana. -cocks the gun- Go boys.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 3:19:35pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: -crouches on all fours and looks up at him- Bring it bitch. -fingers grow into claws-

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 3:08:17pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: Lucky?! Being killed and transformed painfully only to live a life of sucking other's life away, is lucky to you?! You have no compassion! -walks up to him and punches the back of his head-

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:58:18pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *glares back at Kaname's door over his shoulder, then when he turns around Kaname is standing right in front of him*

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:54:54pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: My mother was forced to become a vampire by an asshole, just like you! Your kind ruined my mom's life, all for the sake of superiority! -bares her fangs- Purebloods are so up their own assholes about purity that they forget their origins! Your ancestors were transformed too, douchebag, so don't talk down to me!

(lol canti's rage, satoshi's pride...she's a spit fire)

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:43:26pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *lays Hitomi down as she sleeps peacfully looks over at Ichijo, then walks towards the door*
Ichijo: *jumps up* Hey! Shiki where you going?
Shiki: *looks at hime over his shoulder* i have some unfinished business to attend to....*turns and looks at Hitomi who's asleep on his bed* watch over her and keep her safe Ichijo...i trust you. *closes the door behind him and heads down the dark hall to Kaname's room.....he glares into the darkness* (inner thoughts) You will die at my hands Kaname-sama!

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:34:46pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: -eye twitches- Pretentious asshole! I'm proud of my heritage! -stomps-

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:30:07pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
btw go to the url at the bottom of my page, i've been meaning to edit it but i'm lazy and can't think of anthing for the other people.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:21:02pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: No, I'm a vamp... -looks down at the deer disgusted and glares at the back of his hood- I know I'm just a halfling, but I even I don't eat leftovers from others.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:19:17pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao: -hears him from afar and heads toward the noise curiously-

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:09:46pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *sighs* Ichijo will you please leave us alone for a while. *walks over and lays Hitomi on his bed and wrapps a blanket around her*
Ichijo: Ummm *shakes his head lightly* Sorry Shiki but im here on a request to watch over the two of you for the time being. *shurggs* so i cant leave*
Shiki: *looks over at him* Who might i ask sent the request?
Ichijo: *laughs some* ha who else in this entire Dorm Hall would i ever take orders from? None other than the great Lord Kaname-sama himself!
Hitomi: *flinches when Ichijo says Kaname's name*
Shiki: *looks at Hitomi* What is it? Whats wrong Hitomi?
Hitomi: *shakes her head* was just a cold fine *smiles at Shiki*
Ichijo: *shruggs it off* Oh well Kaname said to stay here until he knew it was safe...i dont know about what...but i dont question the great Lord i just do what he asks of me. *crosses his arms and sees a fashion magazine* SQUEEEE!!! A fashion magazine!! Oh my lucky day!! *grabs it and twirls around hugging it then he sits down and begins to drool over the pages he sees*
Shiki: *shakes his head then looks at Hitomi, she off in train of thought. he takes her hand leans in and kisses her cheek* It's gonna be alright Hitomi, your safe here with me....i promise you.
Hitomi: *smiles and rests her head on his shoulder*

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:04:21pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
hooray! -jumps-

Nanao: -hunting after school in her uniform- Shit! Got blood on my skirt...

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 2:01:24pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
hmmm...well, I figure, canti's warned her daughter over and over to avoid the sato's like the plague, so she's probably seen him, but been afraid to come close.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:50:03pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *goes to Hitomi and hugs her tightly* Let's get you back to the dorm alright *picks her up and takes her back to his room in the Moon Dorm*
Hitomi: *looks around curiously* i dont think im suppose to be in the Moon Dorms Shiki...
Shiki: *smirks* if the Head Master doesnt have a problem with his own daughter staying in Zero's dorm then why would he care about this?
Hitomi: *stares at him* Because im human and im not suppose to be here...its forbidden!
Shiki: *smiles at her and stares at her seriously* That may be but i will not have your life put in danger ever again....i will be with you from here on out. *smirks* it'll be just like old times...just you and me Hitomi..*walks through the door and sees Ichijo then scoffs* and....him.....for now anyways.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:37:42pm

punk_rock+princess writes:
Nanao(say it like Nuh-now-oh). She's strawberry blonde. I guess she'll be a vampire while I'm at it.

Posted on: Mar 26th 2011, 1:33:28pm
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