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Name: Kazuya Regions
Age: -
Likes: His mother, spending time with farrah, blood, and more blood.
Dislikes: His grandfather and great grandfather, and everything else

Name: Sakishi Regions
Age: 18
Dating: Leesha
Likes: hanging out with kami,getting in to trouble, "Adult" music, and hanging with his lame family.
Dislikes: His mothers family,turtles, kami's craziness, zim and dirt.

age: 27
Likes: Girls, and sex.
Dislikes: People
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lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *confused* Your heart?? I thought...i thought that vampire's didnt have a heart? well a working heart that is...?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 9:36:06pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *sighs sweetly and smiles at him* come your so different?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 9:25:07pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *holds her hand to her lip* Kaname-sama...i-i didnt mean to upset so sorry....*puts her hand on his shoulder* i didnt mean that you were like every other vampire....i-i-i guess i just didnt think before i spoke...*turns him to face her, she lays her hand delicately on his cheek* Kaname.... *she leans in and kisses him sweetly*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 9:18:14pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *blinks stiffly but then relaxes, closes her eyes and kisses him back. She lightly presses her hand on his chest and moves into his arms carefully, just when they begin to get passionate she feels the prick of his fangs...she gasps and pulls away* Your a...a Vampire too?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 9:00:25pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *blushes* A-a-a kiss....? I-ive never kissed a boy before...*blushes and lowers her head and glances up at him nervously* w-what if im bad at it? *she fidgets with the blue lace ribbon on her wrist*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 8:51:18pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *sniffles and blinks away some tears* You..YOU think IM beautiful?! *blushes and smiles some* Your very attractive yourself....*blushes and says sweetly* Kaname-sama. *leans in and lightly kisses him*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 8:39:13pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *blushes* oh no...*shakes her head* im not at all scared Kaname....Im just...just worried about Shiki....we were talking and he just left me asking me to try and remember the past...but ive tried and i just cant. *lowersher head* he asked me to do something and i cant...ive failed him. *she begins to tear up* Why cant i remember!?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 8:24:49pm

lemontree writes:
Hitomi: *sits up and sees Kaname walk in* Oh...*straightens her dress some* hi Kaname. *looks around the room* Umm...Kaname where are we?

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 8:14:13pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *growls* Damnit all to hell.....where on Earth would he have taken them? He's right though...if i had kept myself in check and watched myself and had been careful about what i did and said to Hitomi....then she wouldnt be in the danger she's in right now....its my fault and i know i could never forgive myself...if she were hurt...or worse *shakes his head* NO! i cant think like that! i have to save her...i love her too much to let Kaname-sama take her from me! *looks at Zero* Looks like its hunting time friend! *smirks and he dashes out the door following Kaname's scent*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 8:01:38pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *a low deep growl rises in his chest* You BASTARD! What have you done with Hitomi?! Tell me now damnit!

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 7:48:38pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *looks at Zero sternly* Lets just say he's hurt someone very dear to me...*runs his hands trough his hair* although he wont admit it, even though i know it was him for a fact! *glares at the floor* i just know it was him. *looks disgusted*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 7:04:07pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *glares at Adio* No one is going to touch your DAMN KURAN! Calm down Aido, good grief! *watches them all walk away to leave Shiki and Zero to talk* Now that they're gone....*turns to Zero and sees his gun pointed at his face. he sighs and grabs the gun and pushes it away from his face* No need to be pinting that thing aimlessly Zero....i want Kaname dead juat as much as you do.

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 6:54:44pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: *walks out of his room and stares at Adio then at Zero* Aido. Let him be. I need to have a word with Kiryuu about a certain subject. *glares at Aido* Now Aido release him.

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 6:47:30pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: WHAT!? *smells the aroma of Hitomi's blood*

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 6:32:46pm

lemontree writes:
Shiki: Gone? where'd he go i wonder.....and Adio i already told you....i dont want none of your damn cake! *sighs and puts his arm over his eyes and begins to think about Hitomi*


"C'mon Shiki! Your so slow, your like a turtle!!" giggled a young girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes. Shiki dashed after her, using his accurate speed, he grined slightly. His fangs gleamed as he tackled the young girl down to the floor of the woods. "Caught ya! Now you think I'm a turtle do ya??" he said smirking. The girl smirked back at him and stuck out her tounge. She said, "Hey! No fair. You're a Vampire Shiki! That's like cheating" Shiki smirked "Oh com'on Hitomi you cant hold that against me." he smiled wider before he noticed the position they were in and started to blush. She seemed to notice too since she also blushed. However, Shiki made no intention to move since his eyes turned blood red as he noticed her creamy-colored neck, much like a porcelain dolls. He made a low growl that started in his chest and moved into his throat as he nuzzled at her neck. She shivered and clenched her eyes shut. She knew that Shiki was a vampirebut does that change things between them? "Will you be gentle this time Shiki?" Hitomi asked Shiki nods and licked her neck and whispered, "Forgive me.....Hitomi." He raised a hand to cover her mouth as he bit into her neck. She arched her back towards Shiki as he dug his fangs deeper into her neck. "Shh-Shiki!!" she whispered. Shiki released her and licked the remaining blood off from around the two holes that stained her neck. "I'm so sorry." Shiki said apologeticly. Soon there after Shiki was taken away and Hitomi's memory was erased...

Posted on: Mar 25th 2011, 5:55:08pm
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