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Name:   ilovesacha.
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Dear Sacha,
I love you so much. You are truly amazing and don't you ever forget it! Rofl, I remember the random webcams we used to have with Sacha's Twiin's and Alice, Jasper, Pantha and Jellybeans. lmao. Good times.. Anyways, You are super awesome! You've taught me so much in the past two years, And I will never forget all the amazing and funny times I've had with you. You own such wicked kool stuff! Like, That wicked kool wolf hat and all your Hello Kitty stuff and Pantha and your clothes! I mean, seriously. You are the definition of wicked kool. (And your a drop dead goregous ^-^). I swear, My life would be an absolute disaster without you in it to brighten up my day. Words can not even begin to describe how much you mean to me or how much you have influenced my life. You do get me obsessed with a lot of stuff though. Like, Vampire academy, Empire of the sun, Genius series, Hello Kitty, Random things to wear, The list could go on forever. Lmao! Its super hilarious when we go so off topic when the subject is like, 'Today I got a new cat' and we start talking about Skulduggery Pleasant. :P Lmfao! Anyways, I still think Pantha will rule the world and Alice and Jasper will steal the jellybeans for me. Mwahahaha. >:D roflroflrofl. xD I feel that you are the only one that truly understands me and the only one I can trust in this world. You mean soo very much to me and I soo totally hope that when we next come to Brissie I will be able to meet you. Teehee. I dont know where I would be without you and you are the greatest friend I could ever wish for and never, ever forget that. Iloveyousomuch. x

Sacha, I love you so much. And although you hate Chace Crawford, I still love you to bits. :{D Anyways, I love our random Chace vs Max Popov(?) conversations, they're hilarious. xD You've always been here for me, for like, two and a half years now. I'm so thankful to have such a beautful, kind, amazing friend like you in my life. I hope I can come to Brisbane again soon, or you come to Cairns. :{D Like i've said a thousand times before, you have such awesome stuff. Like, seriously. And now I can add something to the list: P L A T F O R M S. I'm so jealous of your platforms, I even went to Target but because Cairns is so crappy they didn't have any. D':< {Damn them}. Anyways, You are so hilarious, you never fail to have me struggling to breathe after one of our random convos. xDD Valkyrie loves her Tanith so much. :D That reminds me! I love talking about Skulduggery Pleasant stuff with you.. You like, always get what I mean, even though we disagree about Valduggery. But, like, I'm talking about them being together when Val is like, 60 or something. Or 100. xD But anyways. I love you, So much. Foreverz. I will always be by your side, kicking ass to protect you. 8) And thats a promise I can guarantee you. I love you like, from the stars to the moon to the sun to Pluto and to other galaxies and other dimensions and stuff and back. :{D ilyyy forever Tanith. <3 - Your Valkyrie.

Hey there, Sacha. I'm currently missing you like hell. Anyways, I just wanted to say that i love you heaps, forever. You mean the absolute world to me, and never forget that. <3 No matter what happens, you will always be my best friend, and that's a promise. Pinky swear. :{D I seriously must be blessed to have found you. Thankyou Skansen! :P But yeah. ily so much. <3 Valkyrie misses her Tanith. D; Just like when Tanith got possessed by the Remnant and she ran of with Sanguine instead of Ghastly.. That was so sad.. But yeah, that's how much I miss you. D; ilyyyy. <3

ilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sachay. <3
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ilovesacha. writes:
I love you my Tanith, forever.

Posted on: Sep 30th 2010, 5:57:17am

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