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There are some things that you see with your eyes, and others you can only see with your heart <3

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Name:   Destiny Hatake
Birthday:   1991-06-18
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Location:   The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Continuing on from my other user- XxKakashi's_WifexX this is however my second user. You may still add me if you please, but only my story and a select few pics will be posted on this page. So please before adding this page add my first one!! Thanx so much!
-Destiny Hatake.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Kenta Hiromi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Continuing off my other story........
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part VIIII<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Coming back to the house, the one me and Kakashi both share together, he stopps and sets my feet on the ground. Pulls out his key and unlocks the door and pushes it open, Kakashi then grabbs me and picks me up again. Startled, i held on, and he brought me inside with closing the door behind us with his foot...*
Kakashi: We're home my love. *Walks over to the couch and sets me down, then reaches to turns on the lamp*
me: *Looking around at the familiar house, i sigh* What a delight it is to be back home.
Kakashi: Yes, *Kakashi sits down next to me on the couch and looks at me* My love.....
me: Yes. *I look back at him* What is it??
Kakashi: You owe me a retry kiss.
me: I know, i said i would didnt i? So i will......
Kakashi: Alright. *Kakashi gets up and goes to the kitchen and truns on the rest of the lights around the house.*
me: WoW!
Kakashi: What is it?? *comes and sits beside me again on the couch*
me: I just realized how much ive missed this place...
Kakashi: Destiny you've only been gone for about a month and a half.
me: I know that, but ive just missed it, you know!?...
Kakashi: Yea well ive missed you....
me: And ive missed you too.
Kakashi: *Takes my hand and starts to caress it* Really i have.
me: *smile at him* Me too................ummmm Kakashi?
Kakashi: Yes.
me: Could i possibly have my retry kiss now?
Kakashi: I was hoping you would ask that soon. Yes you can.
*Kakashi leans forward and wrapps him arm around my waist and pulls me close to him, and with his other hand he plays with the bangs around my face. He strokes my cheek, then we kiss. Passionate and lustful, Kakashi gets to far ahead of himself and trys to lift my shirt..............!!*
me: *Slapps Kakashi across the face*
Kakashi: OWWWW! What was that for??!!
me: How dare you!!
Kakashi: What did i do??!!
me: *I glare at him* You know that i dont approve of that!
Kakashi: Im sorry...........i know.......i
Kakashi: Okay you can say that, but please dont yell...
me: fine......
Kakashi: Im sorry......*he said sadfully*
*Then Kakashi gets up, goes to the bedroom and walks out with a pillow in his hand. Then goes to the hallway closet and pulls out a blanket, and walks back over to the couch.*
me: What are you doing??.... o_0??
Kakashi: Im going to sleep on the couch. Is that alright?
me: Yea but....why???
Kakashi: Well i realized that i got too ahead of myself, and upset you. So i decided to sleep out here tonight.
me: okay........??*i get up and head for the bedroom*
Kakashi: Okay.
me: *I stop and trun* Well Goodnight......
Kakashi: Goodnight.
*I walk back towards the bedroom and look back over my shoulder and see Kakashi setting up his spot on the couch, to sleep for the night. I open the bedroom door and close it behind me. I sigh and walk over to the bed and crawl between the cold sheets. I lie there in the darkness.....*
inner me: Why did Kakashi decide to sleep out there?? I wasnt 'that' upset with him, even though he knew i didnt approve.......but still....*i turn on my side*....WoW, I never really realized how cold these sheets were......i usually cuddle up with Kakashi whenever i got all i have is the coldness on my bare legs(FYI-I sleep in boxer shorts).I wonder......
*I get up to go and check through a crack in between the door, but all i saw was the darkness the room possesed. I turned to look at the clock that was sitting on the end table, it read: 1:43 A.M. I sigh and walk towards the living room, to look and see if Kakashi was still awake, but he was sleeping. He looked so adorable, that of which i could see in the dark, he was just lying there, sleeping so soundless. I whisper to him.....*
me: *Whisper* Kakashi..............?
me: *Whisper* I was wondering.............
Kakashi:......................(still sleeping)
me: *Whisper* Well could i sleep beside you.......?
Kakashi:........................(yet still sleeping)
inner me: Its no use hes sound alseep. Might as well just go lay in the coldness of the dark bedroom.....
*Just as i turned to walk away, Kakashi grabbs my wrist, i turn to look at him. He says.....*
Kakashi: How could i ever reject the woman i love.....? *he winks*
me: *smile at him*
Kakashi: Come 'ere...... *He pulls me closer and lifts up the cover and i lay beside him on the couch*
me: ahhhh.....*I sigh*
Kakashi: So your not upset with me, then??
me: I was.......but not anymore.
Kakashi: How come??
me: Kakashi......?
Kakashi: Yes????
me: How could i ever be mad at the man i love???
Kakashi: ha....Good one.
*I smile, and Kakashi just stares at me.*
me: What is it??
Kakashi: Even in this darkness, you still are the most beautiful creation i have ever layed my eyes upon. *he said this as he stroked my cheek*
me: Now Kakashi....*blushes and smiles*
Kakashi: Its only the truth that comes from my heart and flows from my mouth....
me: Okay Romeo. Cut it out......
Kakashi: What you dont like it???
me: I dont mind it.....but......
Kakashi: But what.............???
Kakashi: Okay then. *We both stare at each other* Something wrong???
me: No. Everything is perfect.....
Kakashi: Perfect???
me: Well except one thing.....
Kakashi: What one thing??
me: A goodnight kiss.....
Kakashi: Oh are you sure??? I might get too ahead of myself- are you sure about it??
me: Of course.....
Kakashi: Alright......
*Kakashi hesitates but i wrapp my arms around him neck and pull him down to kiss me, so we kiss- A PERFECT goodnight kiss. So when the kiss ended, I look at Kakashi.*
Kakashi: What is it??
me: Nothing.......*I wrapp my arms back around his neck and pull him close again, and kiss him. Kakashi pulls back.*
Kakashi: Destiny what are you doing??
me: Who me?? Oh nothing i just wanted to kiss you. Why are you okay with that??
Kakashi: No. Im all for it but, its not like you.
me: I guess im just ready to get married.
Kakashi: You know we are engaged so we can do that kinda stuff......but only if you want im not gonna force you into anything!
me: I know we're engaged but i want to wait 'till marriage. And i know that you wouldnt force me to do anything im not comfortable doing.
Kakashi: Right cause i love you.
me: Yes. But i kinda get this feeling that i might be more ready for it than i think you will be.
Kakashi: How come you say that??
me: I dont really know, actually.
Kakashi: Well okay then.......*Kakashi looks at the clock, it read 3:12 A.M.* Destiny we 'really' need to go to sleep now.
me: *I look toward the clock too* Yea your right we've been talking for almost about two hours.
Kakashi: Yes. So now we need our....(yawn).....sleep.
me: I agr...(yawn)..eeee. We must sleep now.
*Kakashi and i lie there on the couch in each others arms, holding one of his hands as Kakashi plays with a part of my hair on the pillow. I Lean into him more to get warm and comforatble, so he wrapps both his arms around me and i feel as if im in the safest place in the world. Where no one can hurt me, not even if they tried. I fell asleep listening to Kakashi's heartbeat and his steady breathing. He kisses the top om my head and tells me 'Goodnight my sweet and only dream of my love.'*
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part X<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Waking up on the couch still curled in Kakashi's arms, put an instant smile on my face. I noticed that he was still sound asleep, so i just lay my head back down and try to sleep in, but it was no good. I was already awake and then i heard a knock at the door. I look to check the time on the clock, it read: 10:14 A.M. I get up to check it, then Kakashi stops me and he gets up to check the door.It was Tasumi Miyastu, the Hokage's assistance.(FYI: He's not really on Kakashi's good side)*
Kakashi: *Opens door* Hello?? Oh Miyastu, What do you want??
Tasumi: Yes. I have a letter here for you, Kakashi.
Kakashi: Thanx.
me: Kakashi who is it??
Kakashi: Miyastu Tasumi....Dear.
me: Oh well you can let him in.
Tasumi: Oh no that's quite alright. I have to get going anywayys.
Kakashi: Good 'cause i wasnt gonna let you in.
Tasumi: Well im sorry to hear that Kakashi....
me: Why not Kakashi??
Kakashi: *acts like he doesnt hear me* Yea, Call me Hatake from now on got it!
Tasumi: Okay. Mr. Hatake!
me: *I get up* Kakashi! What's the matter??
Kakashi: Nothing, just stay on the couch.
me: Why??*I come to the door*
Tasumi: *bows and takes my hand and kisses it* How are you today Destiny??
me: Im fi.......*Kakashi snaches my hand away from Tasumi's grip and steps in front of me*
Kakashi: She's doing just fine.
Tasumi: Oh well thats good.
Kakashi: Yea as a matter of fact its great!! We're getting married!
Tasumi: So Ive heard......and that it is true.....
Kakashi: And what's true...??
Tasumi: That you keep her on a leash.
Kakashi: I DO NOT!!
Tasumi: Then how come you are so threatened by me, then???
me: Kakashi doesnt have me on a leash.
Tasumi: Is that so??
Kakashi: YES!! THAT IS SO!!!!
inner me: if tasumi doesnt keep is mouth shut then he's gonna loose his tounge!
me: Yea Tasumi, Kakashi loves me and would never do anything to hurt me.
Tasumi: Well i highly doubt that.
Kakashi: What did you say!!!!??
*Kakashi rears back like he was going to punch Tasumi's lights out, but i caught his arm.*
me: Now now. Kakashi there's no need for violence! *i notice the letter in his hand* Kakashi dear, who's the letter from??
Kakashi: *Still mad* I dont know.
Tasumi: It's from the Hokage.
me: *I take my hand and pull Kakashi's face down, eye level* Hey. Please stop yelling, your upsetting me. So please cool it.
Kakashi: Im sorry, i'll try.........but i cant promise nothing.....
me: Fine....Thank you.
Kakashi: Your welcome. *Kakashi glares at Tasumi and turns to go inside, but stops and kisses me in front of Tasumi*
me: ......Where are you going??
Kakashi: Inside so i dont start yelling again, and upset you.
me: Oh..........*I turn to face Tasumi* So Tasumi, what brings you around these parts??
Tasumi: Oh you know, my job. I have to locate people and give them letters from the Hokage.
me: What are they for??
Tasumi: Im not to sure exactly.....*Tasumi looks at me wierd*.....So!
me: So what???
Tasumi: So what are you doing with a guy like Kakashi??
me: What are you talking about!!??
Tasumi: How did you get ensnared into his trap of lies, that will only cause you pain???*he steps closer*
me: What on earth are you talking about, Tasumi??
Tasumi: Why not be with..............well...*steps even closer*
me: *gasps* WHAT!!!
*Kakashi heard this and sprinted toward the door, just before i could blink Kakashi's fist hit Tasumi's face and Tasumi fell to the ground. There was blood, both on Tasumi's clothes and on Kakashi's fist!!! Kakashi bends down like he's going to keep pounding him.*
me: KAKASHI!!! STOP!!! * I grabb his arm and he holds back*
Tasumi: *blood dripping from his nose* What Kakashi?? Afraid for her to hear the truth!!??
Kakashi: WHY YOU!!!!!!!! *Kakashi rears back to try and hit him again but i hold on to his arm, but i let go*
me: Please Kakashi...*start crying*.....just stop. *Kakashi stops, gets up, turns and huggs me.*
Kakashi: Destiny.....Im sorry i didnt mean to upset you.......Destiny.....i just......
*I push away from him and run inside to the bedroom and slam the door shut. Kakashi looks at Tasumi with hatefulness in his eyes*
Kakashi: Leave now. Or i'll make you bleed much worse!!
Tasumi: Fine Kakashi. Have it your way. *He gets up and walks away*
*Kakashi watches as Tasumi leaves then Kakashi goes inside, and goes straight for our bedroom. But before he goes in he knocks......*
Kakashi: Destiny, Love?? Are you okay??
me: No. Go away!
Kakashi: Im not leaving you....
*Kakashi opens the door only to be welcomed by a flying pillow coming straight for his head, he ducks and looks at me. I hide my face under the covers. So he walks over beside the bed, and starts rubbing my shoulder, but i shrugg away.*
Kakashi: Destiny, please dont be upset love.........
me:..........................(still under the covers)
Kakashi: My love......................? *Kakashi lifts the covers from my face*
me: *sniff* What??......*Kakashi sees tears streaming down my face*
Kakashi: Destiny, i didnt mean to upset you, its just that Tasumi gets under my skin.......i dont like him.
me: *sniff* why??
Kakashi: Why!!?? Destiny he's always tried to have you for himself. Do i need a better reason to not like him???
me: Well....*sniff* he's not that terrible once you get to know him...........
Kakashi: Love, he treats you as if you are just a prize for him to try and win!
me: *sniff*How do you know??
Kakashi: Ive seen the wayy he looks at you when im just around the corner, or not in the room. Destiny he looks into your life to know what your weaknesses are, and what you are interested in, and where you live.
me: Kakashi, he does that for everyone in the village, its his job for the Hokage.
Kakashi: What!!?? No its not, and if he does then thats against the law, for invading personal privacy. He probably told you that he did didnt he??
me: Yes, he did.
Kakashi: Destiny he lied to you. I can tell you now that Tsunade would never send some spiney-punk-ass-goofer, and sorry for my language, to look into peoples personal have to be a stalker to do that.
inner me: I KNEW HE WAS A STALKER!!!!!
me: Kakashi......i just....
Kakashi: Destiny, Love, please i dont want to see you upset like this ever again...
me: Kakashi you were the main one i was upset about.
Kakashi: Why??
me: Because i didnt want to see you........well.......get hurt!..
Kakashi: ME! HURT!! BY TASUMI!!?? sorry but thats the funniest thing you've ever said!!
me: Kakashi.....*Blushes of embarassment* dont laugh!
Kakashi: was just funny......i wasnt laughing at you, just at what you said.
*Kakashi pulls the covers up and lies beside me on the bed*
Kakashi: *sighs* I just dont want to lose you to a medioaker loser like Tasumi.
me:* I look at Kakashi* you really think i would fall for the silliest things Tasumi says to me??
Kakashi: Well you fell for mine didnt you??
me: Well yes, but that was different. Im in love with you......not Tasumi.
Kakashi: Oh i know that you dont love Tasumi, who can??
me: Well he's not all that bad looking, he's just a dork.
Kakashi: Yea a stalker dork!
me: *giggle*
Kakashi: What?? He is and you know it!
me: Yes, i know he is.....
Kakashi: But hey you have to give him props on trying...
me: Yea whatever! *Kakashi looks at me* What??
Kakashi: I dont ever want to see you cry again okay....*he said as he wipes my cheek*
me: *I nodd*
*Kakashi bends down and we kiss. I wrapp my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me so i feel his body heat mix with mine. We kiss passiontely for what seemed like forever, but then Kakashi pulls away, and lays flat on his back, just staring at the ceiling....*
me: Kakashi what on earth are you doing now?? o_0??
Kakashi: Just staring....why??
me: Nothing i wont enterupt you then.....
Kakashi: huh?? *Kakashi looks over at me and i just smile at him*.....What is it Destiny??
me: Oh nothing.......forget about it. Its nothing important, really.
*I grabb his arm and wrapp it around me. And just lay there looking at him...*
Kakashi: What on earth are you doing??
me: What im just admiring you, why??
Kakashi: I wan just wondering....Why are you admiring me??
me: Because i love you, and the way you make me feel when im around you.
Kakashi: Is that so?? Well admire you too!
me: You do!! Why do you admire me??
Kakashi: Because the way you look at me, and the way you skin always smells like Cherry Blossoms.
me: Well the cherry blossoms come from the body wash i use when i take bubble baths.
Kakashi: I noticed how soft your skin is when you use it too.
me: Really! You notice stuff like that???
Kakashi: Of course i do i notice every little thing about you.
me: Okay.....
Kakashi: Like when your upset or mad about something you dont smile or laugh as much as usual. Or like when you get off on the wrong foot in the morning, i know to stand clear.
me: Kakashi!
Kakashi: Well i do.
me: Well as least you try and put a smile on my face....
Kakashi: Because its the only thing i love to see you wear......... ^-^
me:..........???........................??? KAKASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kakashi: You just know caught on the that did you! *I slap him on the chest, and crawl off the bed* OW! dont have to be so hard on me, i was only kidding!! We have three days left till we get married, you know.
me: Yea well, kidding like that is not as funny as you may think it is!
*I turn away but Kakashi grabbs my arm and i turn to him*
Kakashi: Do be like that....
me: No. You dont be like that....
*He turns and sits on the edge of the bed and pulls me close, then wrapps his hands around my waist and looks up at me.*
Kakashi: Forgive me......
me:.........*sigh*..............okay. *i smile at him*
Kakashi: *Sighs lightly* Your so beautiful when you smile like that at me.
me: *blushes* Thanx. *I go to kiss him, but then there's a knock at the door..*
*I turn and look toward the door, Kakashi pulls my chin towards him and stands and kisses me. I wrapp my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately and he holds me close to him, and gently lifts me off the floor. Just then Sana and Yasuna walk in and come to the bedroom.*
Sana: Hey you two get a room!!
Kakashi: *sets me down* If you hadnt noticed Sana, we are in our room.
Sana: Yea well Destiny needs to come with us to be fitted for her dress.
Kakashi: Why cant you just do it here??
Sana: Because we're getting a professional to do it!! duh!
Kakashi: Well can i come??
Sana/Yasuna: NO!
Sana: Are you nuts!!??
Yasuna: Yea are you like stupid!
Sana: Dont confuse him too much or he cant process it.
Kakashi: HA HA HA!
Yasuna: Okay then.
Kakashi: *Looks at me* Bad luck! Believe me!
me: *giggle* Okay! *I walk toward Sana and Yasuna but Kakashi grabbs my hand*
Kakashi: Dont go yet.
Sana: Oh and she's gonna have to stay with us for the remander of the engagement.
Kakashi: WHAT!!
me: Just three more days Kakashi, and plus i'll be with Sana and Yasuna.
Kakashi: Yea but.....three days can feel like a lifetime, and not being able to see you will drive me mad!
me: Dont worry, you'll be fine!
Kakashi: Alright.....
*We all walk to the door and Sana and Yasuna both go ahead and wait on me, while Kakashi and i say farewell*
Kakashi: *Kisses me, and holds me tight* Goodbye for now, i guess...
me: Yes. but we will meet again soon!
Kakashi: Hopefully it will fly by....
me: Faster than you know it!
Kakashi: Yea hope so.
me: It will, I promise. Okay.
Kakashi: Okay.....
me: Hey...Dont be sad.
Kakashi: I just cant stand to be away from you for a whole three days!
me: Your just gonna have to......I love you!
Kakashi: I love you too. * he kisses me again!*
Sana: Hey Destiny, come on!!
*We stop kissing.*
me: Coming!! I have to go now.
Kakashi: Okay, Love. Be safe.
me: I will! Bye.
Kakashi: Bye.
*I run to meet Sana and Yasuna, and look back over my shoulder and see Kakashi's sad face. Then he walks back inside and closes the door behind him. I wonder what he's thinking.....?*
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part XI<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**By this time three days has already passed. They are all now at the church waiting for the wedding to get started. Kakashi is standing at the altar just waiting anchiously to see me. Everyone is there, my brother, my team mates, my sensei, and everyone i know from the village. (I even invited Kakashi's family, even though he told me not to. But SHHHHHHHH! Its a surprise!!) Sana, Yasuna, and myself are in the back of the church's hall room, and they're helping me with my dress, hair, and flowers.**
Sana: There you go! All set........*sighs proudly* You look beautiful!
Yasuna: Yea you*hands me a boquet of flowers*
Sana: Now all that's left is for you to walk down the isle and say 'I DO!'
me: Yep......
Sana: Now *she starts to turn me towards the door* lets get going, cant keep my brother and your groom to be waiting.....of course he cant wait on anything- stubborn mule!!
Yasuna: Yea im so happy for you two!!
me: Thanx. It means a lot.
Yasuna: Oh your very welcome!! ^-^
me: *smile* ^-^
Sana: Now come'on!!!Get going already.
me: Wait!
Sana: What??....
me: Who's going to walk me down the isle??
Sana:..........hum................??? I know! *goes out and pulls a random person from the crowd and it just so happen to be......*
me: Shaji!!!
Shaji: Yo! *waves*
Sana: Yea he'll have to do for now.
Shaji: So what am i doing??
Sana: Right! You are going to walk Destiny, here, down the isle to Kakashi!! Got that!??
Shaji: Uh, alright, but just as long as Kakashi's fine with it, i mean i dont want to start anything??
Sana: Oh if not, he'll get over it!....or i'll make him!!!
Shaji: Okay then...*turns to me and puts out his arm* Are you ready??
me: *I take a deep breath* Yes. I am ready.
Shaji: Well, let's get going.
me: Alright. *I slip my arm around Shaji's and he starts to walk me down the isle* You know Shaji, you look really hansome when you get all dressed up.
Shaji: I can say the same for you as well.
me: Thanx. I mean even Rentake doesnt look half bad.
Shaji: Yea well he's wearing one of my tux's.
me: Oh well you two look really nice. *We reach the altar, and Kakashi is just staring at me*
Kakashi: *Whispers* WoW!!!!
me: *I just smile*
Pastor: Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to witness the love between these two young people......
Sana: *Whispers to Sasuke* Ha Kakashi's not young.
Sasuke: Yea he looks like he's 80!
Sana/Sasuke: *Laughs quietly*
Pastor: In holy matromony. I will now begin..... Do you Destiny Inazuka take Kakashi Hatake to be your lawfully wedded husband, in rich or poor....
Sana: *Whispers* He's very very very poor!! *laughs*
Pastor: In sickness and in health, and do you promise to love and cherish each and every moment, and to be true and honorably faithful as long as you both shall live??
me: *I look at Kakashi* I do.
Pastor: And do you Kakashi Hatake take Destiny Inazuka to be your lawfully wedded wife, in rich or poor, in sickness and in health? And do you also promise to love and cherish each and every moment, and to be true and honorably faithful as long as you both shall live??
Kakashi: *looks at me and with a huge grin on his face...* I do.
Pastor: If any one objects with these two being bound together in marriage, speek now or forever hold your peace.......??
*Just then Tasumi stands up, but Kiba jumps out of his seat and wacks him across the head.*
Pastor: Well if no one has any objections then, by the power vested in me. I now pronounce you two Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride.
*Just then Kakashi grabbs me and kisses me like he's never kissed me before!!! Then everybody in the room started to hoop and hollar in happiness and joy!!Everyone starts to throw seeds and rice and all that good stuff while we are walking down the isle. I see everyone one last time, before i got into the car to go to the reception party, and wave. We reach the recption party....**
Villager1: Hey everybody! They're finaly here!!*everyone looks at us as we get out of the car together.*
Sana: Dont they just look the cutest together??
Sasuke: Yea......sure do*sarcasim*
Sana: Hey Sasuke why dont we get married too!!!!
Sasuke: Maybe later not now.....
Sana: I wasnt asking.......
Sana: I was telling you!
Sasuke: Great! *more sarcasim*
Sana: Yay!! I love you Sasuke! *huggs Sasuke*
Sasuke: I love you too, Sana. *huggs her back*
*Kakashi and i walk over to the table and sit down, Kakashi has to pull a chair over to be sitted right beside me...then..........some people walk over....*
Sumi: Kakashi!!!!!!
Kakashi: o_0???? MOM!!??
Sumi: Kakashi!!! *huggs him*
Kakashi: what are you doing here???
Sumi: Kakashi, why you invited us of course, we would never come to a wedding un invited. Do you know how rude that is!!??
Kakashi: OKay, but i didnt....................*looks at me* you did!?
me: *i nodd my head* Yep! hope you dont mind.
Kakashi: *Looks back at his mother* Of course i dont mind......*Sees Kentaro, Makoto, and Nyoko*
Kentaro: So........Kakashi.
Kakashi: Yea Kentaro??
Kentaro: Congradulations.
Kakashi:............Thanx....i think o_0??
Makoto: So Kakashi!!......where are you guys going to go for your honeymoon???
Kakashi: im not sure, its really up to Destiny.
Makoto: What?? Your gonna let a woman choose the spot??
Kakashi: Yea, but im just tagging along to....well you!!
Makoto: Oh I get'cha!!
Kentaro: No you dont, you have no idea what on earth he's talking about.
Makoto: And how would you even know???!!
Kentaro: Because you havent had a girlfriend in like eight years.......
Makoto: Hey i had a girlfriend, her name was Magnolia! Thank you very much!
Kentaro: were ten!! Drop it!
Nyoko: So what are you crazy goons talking about now???? Fighting again??
Kakashi: No just talking......NEwayys Nyoko, how have you been??
Nyoko: Ive been alright, shocked when i heard you were getting married...........again.
Kakashi: Yea well, this time it'll last. I just know it will....
Nyoko: Okay whatever you say Kakashi.
Kakashi: *leans forward* Nyoko, is HE here??
Nyoko: Nope, he didnt even get a notice about it....why do you ask??
Kakashi: I was just wondering, he said he would see me soon, i was just hoping that it wasnt gonna be on my wedding day.....which is a releaf to know that he's not coming....
Nyoko: I didnt say he wasnt coming, I just said that he didnt get a notice about it, is all.
Kakashi: Great! Cant wait to see dad......
Nyoko: Wait....Kakashi when did you see him last??
Kakashi: Like a Month ago........why??
Nyoko: Nothing, i just didnt know if you saw him in a while or not, nothing to be worried about. I promise!
Kakashi: Alright Nyoko. I trust dont give me any reason to doubt you. Okay!??
Nyoko: Alright. Alright. Calm down dont get your panties all in a wadd.
Kakashi: HaHa, but i dont wear 'Panties'.........Destiny does, but not me.
Nyoko: Whatever. Your still as perverted as you always us to be....
Kentaro: I dont see how Destiny can put up with it.
Makoto: I bet she's strong willed for that!
Kentaro: Nobody asked you Makoto.
Makoto: Sorry!! Gosh!
Nyoko: Well Kakashi, i gotta get going. Bye for now big bro.
Kentaro: Yes Kakashi, Nyoko is right. We have to go. *turns towards me and bows* It was a pleasure to meet you.
Nyoko: Same here!
Makoto: Yea definitely!!!! Your a hottie!!! *Kentaro punches him in the stomach* OWW! What was that for???
Nyoko: Your definitely related to Kakashi, Makoto.
Makoto: What do you mean???
Nyoko: Never mind -_-
*i leave to go visit the rest of the guests that had come*
Makoto: o_0???
Kentaro: Well farwell. I hope you have a happy life together.
Kakashi: Thanx Ken.
Kentaro: Kakashi....
Kakashi: Yes??
Kentaro: Dont ever call me that again.
Kakashi: Oh yea sorry i forgot! You dont like that nickname anymore.
Kentaro: Yes, so dont let it happen again.
Kakashi: Sorry.
Nyoko: Oh lighten up Kenny!! It's his wedding day. Give him a break!! Let loose and be nice for at least one day, dont be dad!
Makoto: Yea, dont be like Oroch.....*Kakashi covers his mouth*
Kakashi: *whispers* Dont say that name around this place ever again! Especially around Destiny.
Nyoko: Why?? Are you ashamed of us??? Your own family???
Kakashi: No. But of him.....yes. So please keep quiet with that name.
Kentaro: Alright we promise.
Makoto: *Kakashi lets go of his mouth* But why dont you want Destiny to know about Oro...i mean him??
me: *I walk up* Know about who, Kakashi???
Kakashi: OH no one important dear. Just an old, old, old friend of the families.
me: Oh okay *Kakashi wrapps one around my waist and kisses me on the cheek*
Kakashi: *Whispers* I love you.
me: *smile* I love you too.
*"Destiny!!" I hear in the background.*
me: I have to go, someone needs me.
Kakashi: Alright love. Be careful.
me: You know me....i always am.
Kakashi: Yea okay.
me: *smile and wave*
Kentaro: Well i never would have believed my eyes.....
Kakashi: What are you talking about??
Kentaro: You and Destiny.......
Kakashi: What about us??
Kentaro: Just the way you two feel about each other is written all over your faces.
Nyoko: *sighs* Ahhhh....true love!! What a peaceful thing to own....
Makoto: Yea.
Nyoko: o_0?? Makoto.....
Makoto: Yea??
Nyoko: SHUT UP!! You have no idea what im talking about!
Makoto: Yea, i know but i feel left out of the conversation.
Nyoko: Then go over and stand with the kids!!
Makoto: HaHa.....your funny!!
Kentaro: Hey you two cut it out!!
Nyoko/Makoto: Alright.
Kakashi: Yea well Destiny means everything to me....
Kentaro: I can tell.........we all can.
Kakashi: Hey Kentaro....?
Kentaro: Yes Kakashi? What is it??
Kakashi: You were married long ago, so i was wondering how long should i wait??
Kentaro: Wait for what???
Kakashi: Well you know........should i wait for her to make the first move??? Or should i be spontaneous, and just go for it??
Kentaro: Well with Ayano, things always just went into just happened.
Kakashi: Well what do you mean?? Went into place??
Kentaro: When you and her both know its the right night, time, and place.
Kakashi: Ohhh. So i should wait??
Kentaro: *nodd*
Kakashi: Oh and im sorry to hear about Ayano, and im sorry i wasnt there for you either.....forgive me!??
Kentaro: Of course i forgive you. what kinda brother would i be if i never forgave but always remembered???
Kakashi: I dont know....but probably not a good one.
Kentaro: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You still make me laugh Kakashi!! Good thing that you havent lost that trait!
Makoto: Yea, or Destiny would have never fallen for you!!!HAHAHAHAHA!
Kakashi: *punches Makoto* You know you should watch what you say!
Kentaro: Yes, watch what you say.
Nyoko: Yea, Makoto dont be stupid! Pick your fights carefully!
-------other side of the room------
Rin: So Destiny! You always have gone for the much older guys!
me: Yea well i love him.
Rin: Yes i can tell. Gotta go. Bye
me: Bye Rin.
Sana: *walks up* So who's that??
me: A girl named Rin, i went to the Academy with her. She's always had a mean thing about me.
Sana: Why thats just stupid???!!
me: I dont know, it started when we were younger, she just never liked me i guess.
Sana: Well why is she even here???
me: I gave a note to the Hokage to give to people in the village. and I guess she decided to come.....
Sana: Strange!?!?
me: *I see Tasumi walking toward me* Oh Gosh! Not now!!
Sana: What?? *turns her head and see's him too* Who's that??
me: You know that guy Kakashi punched and made his nose bleed!??
Sana: Yea I remember you telling me about that when we spent those three days together.
me: That's him.
Sana: No way!!!
*Tasumi reaches us both*
Tasumi: So Destiny......
me: Tasumi, what a pleasure it is to see you!
Tasumi: As always to see you too, but i cant help but have a bad feeling....
me: About what??
Tasumi: About you being married to Kakashi.
me: Well too bad Tasumi, we're already married. Ring'n all.
Tasumi: Yes, that's a horrible piece of metal wrapped around your beautiful finger....
Sana: Hey I picked out that ring!!
Tasumi: Sorry but it's junk!
Sana: WHat did you say!!!!???*Sana rears back and i hold her back, while she's swinging in the air*
Tasumi: Now i know that's Kakashi's sister. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!....i make myself laugh.
me: Yea, well that wasnt very funny.
Tasumi: You'll get it later, dont worry it'll come to you.
me: No Tasumi, I got it but it wasnt funny, it was mean!
Sana: Yea your such a jerk!!
Tasumi: Well at least im not a hot head like you!
Sana: Yea, well im sorry that you fight like a sissy girl!!!
Tasumi: I dont fight like a sissy girl, i just dont think that violence is key!
Sana: Hu! Whatever, Miss Prisky Skirt!!
*Kakashi, See's Tasumi and starts to make his way over to us, along with Kentaro, Makoto(which i dont see how he could help), and Nyoko.......*
Tasumi: Hello Kakashi! How are yo........
Kakashi: *Wacks Tasumi across the face* How dare you show up to MY wedding and talk to MY wife like that!!!!
Tasumi: Well i was refurring to Sana, here.
Kakashi: I dont care if you were talking to Satan! Just SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!
me: KAKASHI!!!!!!
Kentaro: Now Now need to get angry...
Nyoko: Yea Kakashi calm down!
Makoto: Yea calm down.
Nyoko: *slaps Makoto* Get your own lines!
Makoto: OWWWWW! Sorry it was just easier......
Kentaro: You two stop bickering! Now Kakashi....
Kakashi: What!!??
*Tasumi walks over beside me, and wrapps his arm around my waist*
Tasumi: Now Destiny should decide to be with YOU.........or..............well me?.....
Kakashi: Why you bastard!!!!! Dont touch her!!!!*Grabbs my wrist and pulls me behind him, Kentaro pulls out a kunni knife and holds it toward Tasumi. So does Nyoko, Sana, and Makoto just stands there looking dumb, like usual.*
Tasumi: Let's not get to snachy Kakashi!
*Tasumi disapears and then reapears right behind me and grabbs me by the waist again, and yanks be by his side. Kakashi, Kentaro, Nyoko, and Makoto gasps and Kakashi gets so mad >.< !!!!*
Kakashi: Give her back! She's MY WIFE.
Tasumi: Well if she's YOUR'S as you claim her to be, then come and get her!
Kakashi: Okay but you asked for it!!
Kentaro: Kakashi, if you need assistance im happy to lend a hand.....!?
Kakashi: No. This F***ERS MINE!
me: Let go of me! *Slapps Tasumi across the face* How dare you!!!
Tasumi: ....*holds his face*.........but............ummm.............
me: Im not some prize you can call dibs on and win for your trophy case!
Tasumi: No. I didnt mean it like that!....Honest!!
me: I dont care!! Tasumi you're going to have to get over the fact that im NOW married to Kakashi!!!
Tasumi: But you COULD love ME instead!!!
Kakashi: *Kakashi steps forward* WHAT!!!!!! WHY YOU.......!
me: *Push Kakashi back* But I DONT love you Tasumi.....I love Kakashi. Sorry.
Kakashi: Yea, so get lost!
Kakashi: Go off and cry somewhere in your little corner of pity.....
*Tasumi grabbs a kunni knife and stabbs me in the side, i fall to the floor as i start to bleed.....*
Kakashi: DESTINY!!!!!!!!
*Gasps come from all over the room, Kakashi holds me in his arms and presses down on where Tasumi stabed me to try and stop the bleeding. Tasumi, is in shock at what he had just done.....then runns away. Kakashi tells Kentaro and Nyoko to go after him, and for Sana to get a doctor. He tells Kentaro and Nyoko to bring him back! DEAD OR ALIVE!!!!!!!.....*
me: Kakashi......
Kakashi: Destiny hold on Sana went to get the doctor. She'll be back in just a second.......hold on.
me: Kakashhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........
Kakashi: Destiny???? *Nudges me* Please try to hang in there, please.
me: Okay.........Kakashi.....
Kakashi: Yes dear, what is it??
me: Sorry for bleeding on you nice tux like this....sorry
Kakashi: *Smiles and strokes my cheek* That doesnt matter now...
inner Kakashi: 'At least she's not thinking about it.....that's good.'
*Sana comes back with the doctor*
Sana: There she is!
??Doctor??: Hatake Kakashi??
*Kakashi looks up and sees Tsunade*
Kakashi: Lady Tsunade! Thank goddness......
Tsunade: What happened???
Kakashi: That little assistance of yours Tasumi, that bastard, stabbed Destiny!
Tsunade: He did what now!!!!??? Stabbed her!!?? For what purpose??
Kakashi: Because he's in love with her and he doesnt want her to be married to me, but him.
Tsunade: Well, Kakashi. I'm sorry for the trouble you encountered from Tasumi. I'll be sure to fire him, IMEDIATELY!
Kakashi: Thanks a bunch Tsunade........*looks at me* Destiny, love, Tsunade's going to have a look alright.
me: *I nodd my head* Okay..
*Tsunade cuts open the side of my dress to take a look at the stabb wound. She pulls out some medical herbs and creates a lotion type with it, and rubbs o my scar. I hold on to Kakashi's coat and gripp tighter and she spread the lotion on my wound.*
Tsunade: It's deep, but she'll be fine. I wouldnt worry to much about it.
Kakashi: So she's alright??
Tsunade: Yes.........but....
Kakashi: But what................??
Tsunade: Well......You'll have to give her time to heal, so NO ACTIVE MOVEMENT!! This means you'll have to delay you honeymoon, for awhile, until she is better.
Kakashi: What!!?? You've got to be kidding!!!???
Tsunade: No Kakashi I mean it. You have to delay so she can get better.
Kakashi: *sighs* Okay.......
inner Kakashi: 'Great! Now I have to wait even longer!!!!!!! Damn it!!!'
Kakashi: Well as long as she heals quickly.
Tsunade: Kakashi you cant push her body to heal at your pace, you'll have to let it heal with time and patience.
Kakashi: Yea, you right.....i want her to get better as soon as possible, so i guess i have to go with her pace.
Sana: Is she gonna be alright???
Kakashi: *turns toward Sana* Yea, she'll be just fine.
Tsunade: Kakashi, you have to rubb this lotion on her wound every night, and evening. Until you see it starting to get better and heal. Alright.
Kakashi: Yes, I understand.
Tsunade: You had better get her back home so she can sleep off the pain....
Kakashi: Sure. *Picks me up, and carries me to the door entrance, he turns and speaks to Sana.*
Kakashi: Sana.
Sana: Yea??
Kakashi: Please tell everyone to leave and tell them we said thatnx for the gifts.
Sana: Okay! You got it!
Kakashi: Oh and Sana......
Sana: Yes??
Kakashi: Please be nice about it.
Sana: Alright! Jezzzzz Kakashi it's like you dont trust me!?.....
Kakashi: Funny!......Just do it please.
Sana: Okay i will.....
Kakashi: Thank you.
Sana: Yea yea, Whatever.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part XII<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Kakashi carries me back home and sees Kentaro waiting at the door.Kentaro just looks at Kakashi with a strange look on his face......... i wonder what was wrong???*
Kentaro: Hello Kakashi.
Kakashi:??????Hey, Kentaro what are you doing back?? I thought you went after Tasumi like i'd asked??
Kentaro: Yea we already caught him.
Kakashi: Really!? That quick huh........*pauses and looks at Kentaro*.......GO TO HELL!!!!!!
me: Kakashi!!! Whats the matter with you???
Kakashi: This impostor is NOT Kentaro!!
me: What!!!!?? Then....*looks at Kentaro*.......Who is it??
Kakashi: Orochimaru.........
me: *gasps* Kakashi....
Kakashi: My Father!
me: What....?
*Just then Orochimaru came from a cloud of smoke that was around the fake body of Kentaro.*
Orochimaru: Well I see I cant fool you.
Kakashi: Yea well you can just go to hell!
Orochimaru: I have already been there, son. And let me tell you its a lovely place to about for your honeymoon...?
Kakashi: Dont ever call me your SON again!!!!
Orochimaru: But my dear Kakashi.....that is what you are to me....and that's who you'll always be to me.....My Son.
Kakashi: SHUT UP!!!!! *Kakashi tries to block his ears, so he lets me down. I stand there next to him as i see him fall to his knees shaking and holding his ears, and screaming "NO". I look back over towards Orochimaru and he's smiling while his own "son" is in pain.*
me: How can you be so Heartless?????
Orochimaru: Hum???
me: You heard me!! You couardly snake, you!!
Orochimaru: My Lovely Destiny, *He starts walking toward me* If i were you i would be more worried about my wounds to be making such rude comments to people!!*grabbs me by the throat and tosses me to the side*
Kakashi: Dont you ever touch her like that AGAIN!!!!!! *Kakashi leaps toward him and tries to stab him with a kunni knife, but Orochimaru takes Kakashi's hand and makes him stab himself!...*
me: *cough* Kakashi!!
*Kakashi is bleeding and coughing up blood*
Orochimaru: You have never been this disobediant before Kakashi...why start now????
Kakashi: Because you *cough* tried to hurt Destiny....*cough* and i'll ever let anyone hurt her *cough*cough* not even you!!
Orochimaru: Is that so.....*He looks at me while i'm lying on the ground, he lets go of Kakashi's knife and Kakashi falls to the ground, bleeding, coughing, and shaking. He starts walking over towards me, looking at his nails! Orochimaru reaches down and takes me by the hair and pulls me up to my knees, then he sticks out his tounge and hisses at me. He goes for the kill....just then Kenatro steps in front of Orochimaru, with a knife in his hand and holding me in his other arm and holding his knife to Orochimaru's throat.*
Orochimaru: Ah Kentaro what a plesant surprise to see you here....
Kentaro: Well father, what brings you here???
Orochimaru: Why anyother excuse?? I was here to see one of my son and his lovely wife..
Kentaro: Cut the crap!! I know why your here!!!
Orochimaru: Oh you do!!?? Then tell me Kentaro, why am i here??
Kentaro: To get rid of Destiny and take Kakashi back to the sound village to use as your puppet!!
Orochimaru: Close but not exact....i merely came to bring my son back home where he belongs and i was trying to get rid of the trash in his life, thats all.
*Just then Kakashi gets up and rams a knife into Orochimaru's side!*
Kakashi: Dont ever call her trash again! *He says in a mean, harsh voice. He jerks the knife out and walks over to Kentaro's side and tries to pick me up, but he's weak.*
me: Kakashi im fine, i can walk now.
*Orochimaru flees and Kentaro sees me try and pick Kakashi up to take him inside.*
Kentaro: Destiny.....wait.
me: What??
*Kentaro walks over and picks Kakashi up by the arm and tosses it over his shoulder, and helps him inside. I pick up a blanket and layed it on the couch so Kentaro could put Kakashi on it.*
Kakashi: Thanx Kenny....oh sorry.
Kentaro: Its doesnt matter.
me: Is he gonna be alright???
Kentaro: Yea he'll be just fine....dont worry.
me: Okay. thanx Kentaro.
Kentaro: You can call me Kenny if you want, you are part of the family now.
me: *i smile at him* thanx....ummm.....Kenny.
Kakashi: Destiny... *he reaches out and takes my hand and starts to caress it*
me: Yes, Kakashi??
Kakashi: You arent hurt are you??
me: *i smile at him* No im not hurt, but you are and im so sorry.
Kakashi: Love, dont be sorry. Besides its nothing really, just a little scratch.
*I smile at Kakashi, as he caresses my hand. Kentaro walks into the kitchen and gets a towel. As he's walking back he starts to rip the towel into strips, and is holding a bottle.*
me: Kenny...?
Kentaro: hu?Yes?
me: Whats in that bottle??
Kenatro: Alcohol...why??
me: Well what are you gonna do with it??
Kentaro: Its to clean his stab wound....
me: oh.
Kenatro: Speaking of stab wounds...*looks at my side*....what about yours??
me: *i hold my side* Oh im need for ant treatment...
Kentaro: Are you sure??
me: Oh yes, positive.
Kentaro: Alright suit yourself......*finished working on kakashi's stab wound* There you go Kakashi. All done.
Kakashi: Thanx Kenny. Boy am i glad that my brother is also part medical ninja!!
Kentaro: and that im so nice to you, because if it was Makoto, i would have just let him bleed to death!!
Kakashi/Kentaro: Hahahahahaha....!
me: *gasp* What!?
Kakashi: Not realy, dear, he was only joking.
Kenatro: Yes not anything to get upset about. Okay.
me: *i nodd*
*Kakashi sits up and pulls me close to him and gives me a hug, then a kiss on the top of the head. I hug him back.*
me: sssiii*i grab my side*
Kakashi: im so sorry, babe.
Kentaro: I think she needs that lotion stuff, from the hokage, you recieved.
me: Oh no im quite alright......*i smile* sssiii *I grab at my side again*....hehe.
Kakashi: Come 'ere. *Kakashi grabbs the bottle off the coffee table and looks at Kentaro.*
Kentaro: I'll leave you two so that i wont be intruding on anything.
Kakashi: Thanx Kentaro.
me: Oh you dont have to....sssiii
Kakashi: Love, i have to put the lotion on now.
*We both walk back to the bedroom, but Kakashi stays outside the door while i put a large t-shirt on. And Kentaro is waiting in the kitchen. I walk over to the bed and sit down. Kakashi knocks on the door.*
Kakashi: Hey can i come in??
me: Yes, its fine now.
Kakashi: Alright then. *walks in and sees me siting on the bed. He just stops and stares at me.*
me: What is it??
Kakashi: *smiles* Nothing.....*He walks over to the bed and sits down beside me, and is still just staring at me.*
me: Kakashi......?
Kakashi: huh!? What?
me: Are you okay??
Kakashi: Im fine.....uuhhh...
me: What is it???
Kakashi: Can i ask you something........?
me: Of course anything........what?
Kakashi: Okay......are you wearing know???? *Looks me down*
me: Yes. I am.
Kakashi: OH......good. *Bearly lifts up part of my shirt* You wont slap me or nothing will you??
me: Kakashi no, i wont.
Kakashi: Okay then....
*Lifts up part of my shirt, again. He gets the lotion on his hand, while i hold up part of my shirt, only disposing the wound. He gentaly rubbs and smooths the lotion on my wound, and i draw away because it stings, but Kakashi pulls me back with his other arm.*
Kakashi: Destiny, please stay still for me.
me: Im sorry, but it stings.
Kakashi: Im sure it does, but please this has to be done.
me: oh okay.
*He starts to spead it again, and the touch of his hands felt so good on my skin, he was so gental with the wound.*
inner Kakashi: Wow. Her skin is the most softest surface my hands has ever touched before!! Its amazing how beautiful she is!!
inner me: ohmigosh!! his touch is just so gental, but his hands noramly seem rough, but why everytime we're close like this, he just seems different?? Is it because he feels that if he's too rough with me that he'll break me or somehting?? oh well it just feels amazing!!
inner Kakashi:...MAN!!! to bad she cant do any active movment, or i would have her now!!!.....What am i saying!!!?? I cant think like this in this type of situation, im just begging to be shunned for all eternity if i do that!! NO!NO!NO!NO! i have to think of something else, to get my mind off her........and her super sexy, soft, beautiful, silky skin.....NOOOOO!! Stop it Kakashi, dont tourcher yourself like this, just wait!! You can wait it out, i can wait this out.
me: Kakashi....?
Kakashi: HUU!!! What??
me: What are you thinking about???
Kakashi: You dont want to know, silly things.
me: Okay.
Kakashi: Why?.......What were you thinking??..
me: Well to be completely honest, i was thinking about how gental your touch is everytime you are close to me, your always so careful.
Kakashi: Well its only because i dont want to hurt you.
me: Oh! Well i know you would never hurt me, you've told me that millions of times to where i believe every word you say.
Kakashi: Well maybe you shouldnt believe 'every' word i say....
me: Why not??
Kakashi: Well i may not always be right, you know. I might mess up and make a mistake.
me: I understand that....sssiii *Kakashi rubbed more lotion on*
Kakashi: Im sorry, love.
me: It alright, and besides im the one who should be sorry.
Kakashi: What?? Why should you be sorry?? You've done nothing wrong, your perfect.
me: Oh believe me Kakashi, im NOT perfect....
Kakashi: might not think that, but i think your perfect.
*Kakashi closes the lid to the lotion bottle. And pulls my shirt back down. He sits there just looking at me, then wrapps one of his arms around my waist and slides me closer to him. He reaches up and brushes my cheek gentaly with his thumb.*
me: Kakashi......why??
Kakashi: hum???Why what??
Kakashi: Why not you?! *Smiles, then kisses me softly.Kentaro walks in*
Kentaro: Kakashi, Destiny....
Kakashi: *looks at Kentaro* Yes....
Kentaro: ummm...Destiny.
me: Yes.
Kenatro: You have a visitor.....!
Kakashi: Who is it??
me: Kakashi.......
Kakashi: Sorry.
me: Let them in.
Kentaro: Okay.....
*Kentaro leaves the room, then me and Kakashi stare at each other in confusion about who it could possibly be. Just then an old friend walks in. And i gasp in udder shock at who it was, it has been a really long time since i had seen this person.His name is Kenta Hiromi. He's tall, slim, and has long hair with strips of red running through the thin layers of black. He has red captivating eyes, and a white smile through soft speaking lips.((his pic will be at the top of the page for now))*
Kakashi: Who this.............?
me: Hey Kenta!!! *I stand and walk over to hug him*
Kakashi: Who....? o_0 Wha..........?
Kenta: *hugging* Well it certianly has been quite a while since i've seen you Destiny.
me: Yea it has.....*stops hugging and smiles at him*
Kenta: You've gotten a lot prettier since the last i set eyes on you.
me: Well it's been about 12 years now, so i've how have you been Kenta??
inner me: Wow he's a lot more handsome than what my memory has remember him by. He's absolutely Gorgeous!! I think he's 22 not sure.
Kenta: Well Destiny, i........
*Kakashi stands and enterups Kenta.*
Kakashi: Wait....Sorry but, will someone please tell we what in the damn hell is going on!?!?!?!?!?!
me: Kakashi please.....calm don..
Kenta: Yes there is no need in raiseing your voice, Kakashi.
Kakashi: How the f*cking hell do you know my name!!??
me: KAKASHI!! *i cross my arms and stare at him*
Kakashi: Sorry, but i dont even know him!
me: Its fine.....*I take Kakashi by the arm and lead him in front of Kenta* Kakashi this is Kenta Hiromi *i hold my hand toward Kenta* he has always been one of my friends since i was a little girl, and Kenta, this is Kakashi Hatake *i wrapp my arm in his and gentaly squeeze, in a loving way, Kakashi's arm* My newly wedd Husband.
Kenta: I know.
Kakashi: How???
Kenta: I recieved this in the mail *reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out an invitation*.
me: How did you get one?? I dont remember sending one all the way to the rain village.....!?
Kenta: No, it wasnt sent there, it was sent to my sister's house here in the leaf village, from the hokage. So my sister came to my house and graciouly gave it to me.....
Kakashi: confused......your sister lives here in the leaf village, but you dont??? Why??
Kenta: Long life story, and i dont have the time, i have to leave quickly.
me: Really why not??
Kenta: I have to return before Asami, has my child.
me: Oh really!!! I had forgotten that you two were married. How long now??
Kenta: 2 years.
me: Oh well then i guess it wasnt exactly 'that' long ago huh!!??*smiles*
Kakashi: So then why are you here???
me: Kakashi......*whispers* dont be rude!
Kenta: Oh no its quite alright. I came to congradulate you both on your marriage. Its a blessing thing to be involved with someone to share your soul and the rest of your life with.
me: Yea it is!! *i look at Kakashi and smile*
Kakashi: Yes it sure is, its amazing. *smiles back at me*
Kenta: Well i guess ive got to be off then.
me: Well okay then, take care Kenta.
Kenta: You too Destiny.
*Kenta looks at Kakashi, then at me.*
Kenta: Do you mind if i talk to Kakashi alone for a split moment??
me: Not at all. *I smile at them both, they both wait for me to completely leave the room*
Kenta: So Kakashi....
Kakashi: Kenta.....?
Kenta: Kakashi before i take my leave, i want you to take care of this for me.
*Reaches into the inside of his coat and pulls out an old family photo- a Mother smileing while holding a baby in her arms, and a proud father standing beside her with an arm wrapped around her shoulder smileing too, then a young boy standing in front of the father gripping on to the mother's dress, with an amazed look on his face turned toward the mother holding the baby.*
Kakashi: What do you want me to do with this???
Kenta: Kakashi, i know that your smart, so you figure it out.
Kakashi: Hey is that Destiny???!!
Kenta: Yes it is....
Kakashi: Then who's the little guy?? i know that's not Kiba, because i know he was born after her.....?
Kenta: Kakashi, that young me.
Kakashi: WHAT!!!?? you!........wait so your Destiny's older brother??
Kenta: Yes.
Kakashi: Then, about that whole invitation thing....who's your other sister??
Kenta: Well she's not my sister, by blood, but she took me in and cared for me after i had went on a mission and became lost. Everyone here in the leaf village thought i had died.
Kakashi: So you changed your name and became best friends with Destiny, but you never could tell her the truth....why?
Kenta: Because to her that boy she knew, didnt exist anymore, he was gone forever.
Kakashi: So Kenta....what's your 'real' name??
Kenta: Hitoshi Inazuka.
*Kenta(Hitoshi) and Kakashi both walked to the door.*
Kenta: So Kakashi, please take care of that picture and of my little sister.
Kakashi: I will. I promise.
Kenta: Thank you so very much.
Kakashi: Your welcome.
*Kenta(Hitoshi) left and Kakashi closed the door behind him, turned and walked back into our room, sat on the bed and just looked at the picutre in his hand.*
inner Kakashi: Wow........i had no idea. Nor do i think Destiny does. Well i cant tell her, its a huge secret swore to me by Kenta or should i say Hitoshi, but he entrusted it with me so i'll keep my promise.
*Kakashi hides the picture in a pillow case on the chair by the window. It's night and im doing my usual...laying on the couch in my PJs, watching the TV. Then Kakashi walks in the room and sits on the end of the couch just staring at i sit up and look back at him.*
me: Kakashi, if you have something to say then just say it.
Kakashi: Why? There's nothing to say.....*he sighs and rests his chin in his palm, staring straight at the TV.*
inner me: It's been a couple of weeks since Kakashi and myself have been married and i think he's getting kinda anci about him not having intamisy with me.... I mean i've been waiting for him to say something about it, but i guess he hasnt figured that out yet......*Kakashi looks back at me*
Kakashi: If 'you' have something to say, then maybe you should just say it....
me: Well actually i do have something to say.....
Kakashi: *looks straight at me with a serious look on his face* Really!?! then say it....*he raises an eyebrow in curiosity*
me: ummmm.....*i start to feel hot* well i have noticed how tense you've become in the past couple of days, and even weeks......
Kakashi: Yes, but it has nothing to do with you.....if that's what your wondering...
me: Really?? It's
Kakashi: Of course not, why would i be tense with you??
me: well........i just thought that.........that since we....
Kakashi: Since we what?? *he scoots closer toward me and lays down, resting his head on my lap. he's staring at me with that curious look again.*
me: *i start to blush* ummmm.....well you know......we havent had...
Kakashi: What?? do you think its because we havent had sex yet???Is that what your worried about??
*I blush so much, my entire face is red! He starts to smile and laugh lightly behind his grin.*
me: *i nodd*
Kakashi: *he sits up and brushes my cheek. then he holds my face steady and close to his face.* If you wanted me sooner you should have just asked...!
me: ummmm...sorry.......?
Kakashi: You have nothing....*he leans in toward my face* to be sorry about....
*He kisses me gentaly at first, then eases me into a passionate kiss. I feel kinda limp when im in his grasp, but he took my arms and threw them around his neck for me, like he knew i was took weak to do it i just held on and kissed him back. He slides his arm under my legs and picks me up, and he carries me to the bedroom. He closes the door behind us with his foot, then walks over to the bed and lays me down on it. He then lies down beside me and plays with my bangs which fall in my face, occasionaly. then he lightly strokes my cheek again.*
inner Kakashi: WOW!!! She's so amazing, she's beautiful, talented, young, and what's best is that she's my wife!! She's absoultely perfect, i wouldnt change anything about her!! I just hope she's ready for whatever might happens tonight....i dont want to hurt her.
me: What is it??
Kakashi: I was just thinking to myself how beautiful you are and how lucky i am!
me: *giggle* Yea, sure.
Kakashi: I was, honest........*he smiles*
me: what....?
*He leans forward and kisses me. Then he takes one of his hands and, with his fingertips, starts to go down a side of my body, until he reaches the crease in my knee. then he pulls me closer and wrapps my leg around his this point I am majorly blushing now!*
Kakashi: *chuckles a little* I think your cute when you blush....
*He starts to kiss me again........That would be the first night ,since we were married, that we have ever made love, and my first time(!). It would be a night we both would remember...........forever!

The next chapters will be put on yet again another page. I'll get you the url later on. Thanx for reading!XxKakashi's_Wife3xX Formatting error: expected [/color], but got: [/size]
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