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Stars Life Story

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Name:   sta*r
Birthday:   1997-09-04
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This is just chapter one. Click on this to reach the rest:

The everlasting line on her bottom lip stood out, if anything could stand out at all on her.

Black and white striped gloves reached up to her elbows, and a flat-rimmed black 'gangsta' hat covered her right eye. She was wearing a blue denim jacket, trying to look 'tough'. That was quickly demolished, though, by her long black lashes and heavily glossed lips. Her hair was straight, almost looking as if it had been horribly abused by a flat-iron. The under-part was a dark brown, and the top a lighter shade. Caramel streaked across the top, along with blonde and many other shades in-between. You could tell she'd been through many dye-jobs, and none of them made her feel... right. Her nails had black polish, looking as if it could still be drying. The shirt she wore was a light gray, and in a darker shade said LOVE boldly. Her jeans were ripped, but it looked like she had bought them that way.

Slung over her shoulder carelessly was a green backpack, (sort of an army shade), with skull buttons. She stuffed it into her locker, along with the jacket. She unzipped the pack and took out a ripped white peice of paper and a small book.

A girl at the next locker over smiled at her. "Hi. You must be Star."

The girl, Star's, eyebrow went up quizically. "You a stalker or somethin'?"

Instead of being offended, she just laughed. "No, no. Word spreads fast around here. I'm Ericka." She held out a hand.

Star stared at it until she let it drop, filling the ackward silence with her fake, plastered-on smiles. Star knew immidiately she was bad news.

"So, uhh..." Star stuttered, as if she had forgotten the name.

"Ericka." The prep supplied.

"Right, right, Eric. I have to get to..." She looked down at her schedule, "Literature. So I guess I'll see you around."

Ericka squeeled, making Star wince. "That's my first class!!"

"Great..." Star muttered, rolling her eyes.

Ericka leaned over, lowering her voice, as if she were sharing some big secret. "Mrs.Masserelli is really mean though."

Once again Star's eyes rolled. The action was making her dizzy. "Sure."

Ericka regained her perky composure, skipping down the hall. "C'mon!"

Star grabbed a notebook and a mechanical pencil, she couldn't write with wooden ones, and followed. How else was she supposed to find the place? They walked, (well, Ericka skipped), over to the 7th grade hallway. This place was so small she'd have to share teachers with little people? Fuck.

Her negitive demeaner didnt change as she entered the classroom. A perky older looking blonde sat at what looked like the teachers desk. She must be Mrs.Masserelli, Star thought.

"She doesn't look mean, Ericka." The girl said loudly, smiling as if she cared at the teacher. Ericka gasped, shhing her.

"I didn't say anything like that, Mrs.M." She said quickly, covering her ass. "Did you do something different with your hair?"

The teacher stood up, laughing loudly. "You must be the new student, Star."

The girl in question sighed. "Whats with everyone knowing my name?" She asked, annoyed.

Masserelli laughed again. "Small town."

Ericka, having forgotten Stars attempt to destroy her perkyness, patted the desk next to where she sat down. "Sit next to me!" She cried out, like some annoying 4-year-old kid.

Ignoring her completely, Star sat down in a desk at the back, immidiately starting to read from her book. Ericka frowned, but perked back up again like someone had twisted the wind-up thing on her back. (Figuritively, of course) There was no stopping her train-of-happiness once it set its course for Star-Annoying-Patrol.

"Okay, class," Masserelli said as the bell rang, "We're going to talk about the things you brought from home today."

A girl with brown hair, close to Star, raised her hand. "Can we at least learn a little about our new student first?" She had some creepy bars in her arm, and a sling attempting to cover them. It was obvious she broke it.

Masserelli smiled, like that was the best idea in the history of forever. "Sure. Everyone can ask Star a question, me first, of course." She put a hand to her chin, as if she were deep in thought. "Why weren't you here on the first two days of school?"

Star sighed. Although she had expected as much, she didn't feel like talking to these dead-beats who got there pleasure out of listening to what was going on outside of the nowhere they lived in. "Sick." She answered.


"That's two questions." Star said calmly, looking back down at her book, "Too bad for you."

An 'oooo' went off in the classroom. Masserelli just smiled. "True. Okay, Faith, your turn."

Faith stood up, smoothing down her hair and shirt like she was about to give the most important speech in the world. "Whats with your hair?" She asked finally.

Everyone laughed. Star did too, like it was the funniest thing in the world. "Good one. Actually, this is how we do it where I come from." She refused to insult back, not giving these cheeseheads the satisfaction, and also unwilling to stoop to this blonde-girls level.

Faith sat back down. The person next to her stood up, asking another question. This went on for almost 10 minutes, and Star answered each question quickly with no restrain.

One of the last people, a guy tall and blonde and named Zack, went to far. "Got a boyfriend?" Some other guys in the class snickered, leaning forward to hear her reply.

"I'd like to say yes just to get you off my..." Star glanced at Masserelli, "But no. I don't." High-fives erupted, and with excitment some guys muttered 'Fair game'.

The eye roll that seemed so routine now went off again, and she quickly answered the last questions. They were lame, stuff like favorite colors, because everyone else had asked everything they needed to know.

Well, that was fun, Star thought sarcastically as the bell rang. She made her way back to her locker, grabbed a different notebook, and attempted to find her 'American History' class. Thankfully it was right near her locker, and Ericka was no where to be seen. In fact it seemed as if Ericka wasn't in any of her classes anymore, she had scanned over Star's schedule dissapointedly in the last few minutes of 1st hour.

Second passed by in, well, seconds, with no weird things happening at all. During the middle of third hour, though, what looked like another teacher walked into the room. "Star?" She said, and the girl looked up.

"Uhh, yeah?" She asked.

The 'teacher' motioned for her to come with, and, annoyed, Star got up and followed. "I'm the vice princibal here." She explained as they reached the office.

Star quickly stated, as if it had happend many times before, "I didn't do it."

VP laughed, shaking her head. She instructed Star to sit down. "Can I see your schedule?" she asked, holding out her hand.

The girl reached a gloved hand into her pocket, handing the tattered peice of paper to her. The VP nodded as she looked it over, then tossed it in the trash. "You have the wrong schedule." She explained as Stars mouth dropped open.

"I was gonna say, no way I'd get anywhere without it." The girl quickly closed her mouth, chewing her lip, and smiling like she wouldn't rather be anywhere else but here at the moment.

VP printed the new schedule out, handing it to her. "Do you know where Mr.Rays room is?" Star shook her head. "I'll take you there." VP got up and left, expecting her to follow.

"Here." VP said as they reached the room, right across the american history class. "Mr.Ray, I've got a new student for you. This is--"

"Star." The gray-haired man said. The known girl sighed, expecting this. She felt like Bella Swan on her first day of school.

"I'm Mr.Ray." Gray-hair said, holding out a hand. So as not to offend him, get on his bad side, Star took it. "Have a seat."

Her eyes passed quickly around the room. No perky Ericka, she thought in releif. She walked to the back of the class, sitting down far away from the other students.

There were only 3 boys in the room, and the rest looked like soft-ball geeks. Almost none had been in her first or second hour. She decided immidiately that all the guys were nerds, and that she wouldn't get along with any of the girls.

"Welcome to 4th hour science class." Ray said, but it sounded more like 'Welcome to hell.'

Star sighed in releif when the bell finally rang, getting up to go to lunch.

"Band and chorus, bye-bye." Ray said.

Just as the girl was about to step out the door, the teacher called her back. "You in band or chorus?" He asked, and when she shook her head he told her to sit back down. "Next bell you can go."

Damn, Star thought, sitting down heavily in a desk. The three guys and one girl were still in the class, talking. One, with a mop sitting on his head, booked the girl and she yelled out "KRIPPEN!!"

"What?" He asked, and laughed. Another guy shoved him and helped the girl pick up her books. Their names weren't important to Star, so she decided to call the 'Dye-Job' and 'FourEyes'.

The girl, Dye-Job, thanked FourEyes for helping her and sat far away from the mop. (Krippen)

Star loved her nicknames.

The second bell rang and Ray said they could leave. Star pretty much followed everyone to the lunch room, bought a milk, and sat down at an empty table. Ericka sat down next to her, smiling, and Star sighed. A black-haired chinese looking girl sat across from them.

"I'm Melissa." She said, looking quizically down at the milk. "Not hungry?"

Star shook her head. "I almost never am." Shrugging she opened the carton in her hands, taking small sips and circeling the liquid like you would a wine glass.

A small blonde boy came up, he looked about 8 and came from the 3rd grade line. "Star." He said, hugging her, and going back to his teacher. The boys friends laughed at his affection as Star rolled her eyes. "My brother. Gabriel." She explained.

"Oh." The two said, almost in sync, previously freaked out but calming. Melissa smiled. "Must be nice to have a younger brother."

Star laughed, then bit her lip, making the ever-present line stand out again. "You must be an only child."

Her words were interupted by a call, "Time to go out!" and followed by quick, eager footsteps.

Ericka and Melissa stood up, and Star followed. "Yeah." Melissa said. "I guess you could say that." She looked down, playing with her hands.

Oh, Star thought. "Uhh... sorry."

Melissa looked up, shaking her head. "Their not dead. I'm youngest, they've all moved out." She still looked sad, though Star couldn't make out why.

Outside they sat on a bench, and even though it was technically still summer up in cheeseland it was cold. Star sighed, pulling her jacket around her. In 80 degree weather she was frozen, and out here it was just too much.

"Cold?" Melissa asked, rolling around in the grass as if that would make her warmer. Ericka laughed, joining her.

Star, for the 100th time that day, rolled her eyes. The golden contacts glinted in the sunlight, and she brought her knees to her chest. "C-cold." She stuttered out quietly, shivering. The cold was the one thing that brought vulnerability out in her.

She took her mp3 player out of her jeans, sliding it into the pocket of her jacket she had sewn in. Drowning out all other noise with alternitive, she slowly relaxed. Crossing her legs, closing her eyes, meditating. In through her nose, 1, 2, 3, out through her mouth, 1, 2, 3... a continuous pattern.

After a couple minutes the world melted away from around her, and she was sitting in a stream. The water flowed from a small waterfall, a rainbow glinting off it. Star breathed in the sweet smell. Nature, at its finest.

Star raised her arms, her gloves had dissapeared and so had her 'gansta' getup. She was wearing a blue and white kimono, waist deep in the water.

She raised her arms, imagining the water flowing with them. Whereever her arms went, a stream of water followed.

"STAR?!" She heard, yelled into her ear. Jolted back into her body, Star groaned. The earphones had been carelessly ripped out, and she was still in a meditating position. A concern-looking Ericka stood over her.

"What. The. Fuck?!" Star exclaimed, getting up quickly and wobbling. She had never been pulled from a vision before, and she felt sick.

Ericka squeeled, but frowned at the bad language. "I thought you passed out!" She said loudly, and Star winced, "Time to go inside!"

That was around the time Star noticed the line of people going back into the building. Melissa was among them. She reached into her pocket and turned off her mp3 player, going towards the building with trouble. Ericka offered to help but the girl smacked her hand away.

"Fuck off." She said unhappily, letting the familiar word roll off her toungue rudely. "Bitch."

Ericka tsked. "No manners." But she smiled to let Star know she was just joking. Star was still pissed at her.

The rest of the day blurred together, Star happily realized she had no classes with Ericka at all anymore. Tremendous luck.

She got all her stuff together at the end of the school day, going to her homeroom. She was with Ms.Kouts. For some reason that reminded the girl of a fish or something. After fifteen minutes the bell rang and Star got up, only to sit back down again when someone told her pickups go first and busses second. She sighed.

Finally the second bell rang and she left, getting on her bus and going home. She threw her stuff onto the matress that she used as a bed, and got onto her computer. Because she didn't have a desk yet, the computer sat on a nightstand with her chair in front.

Logging onto max-dan-wiz, Star sighed as she realized no one had replied to her roleplays yet. She went to her blog and continued to write a maximum ride fanfic, Another Flock Story. It was a long one, starring who else, Star. The avian hybrid, sister to Fang. She lost track of time when suddenly she heard her mothers voice, calling her down for dinner. And not long after that she soon fell asleep.
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