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Name:   regions brothers
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2011-02-17

Name: Kazuya Regions
Age: -
Likes: His mother, spending time with farrah, blood, and more blood.
Dislikes: His grandfather and great grandfather, and everything else

Name: Sakishi Regions
Age: 18
Dating: Leesha
Likes: hanging out with kami,getting in to trouble, "Adult" music, and hanging with his lame family.
Dislikes: His mothers family,turtles, kami's craziness, zim and dirt.

age: 27
Likes: Girls, and sex.
Dislikes: People
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lemontree writes:
TAK: What the-
Farrah: YOSHI!! *runs up the stairs to see KP patting the fire out on his leg*....Kirk.
KP: *looks up and sees Farrah standing there* What do you want?
Farrah: I..i came to see you...and see how you're doing?
KP: Well im just fine. *goes to his room and slams the door shut*
Farrah: *jumps at the loud noise from KP slamming the door, she turns to Yoshi and points down the stairs* GO! NOW!

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:53:30pm

lemontree writes:
KP: *snatches the condoms from him and shoves him down* these arent finger hats you poor excuse for a human! *storms away*

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:45:08pm

lemontree writes:
KP: *glares down at him with a sense of death in his stare* What are you looking at?

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:42:11pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *bends down to Yoshi* give mommy the needle please.
*takes the needle and puts it her pocket* thank you sweety *looks over at kazuya and shakes her head* thatsnot nice to talk sarcastic about someone like that....
Tak: *shruggs* nah he's here somewhere.....he kinda went crazy after you left that one day when you two got into a huge fight..
Evette: Yeah he's been even more mopy and he was outraged when he went out looking for you and discovered that you two moved away together...your a very touchy topic for him.
Tak: Yeah we had to take down all the pics of all of us and every single picture of you bc he would just get so pissed off that he'd go around punching the walls and breaking things....*shakes his head* some ppl just cant get over a heartbreak.
Evette: Obviously not KP..

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:35:04pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *gasps* YOSHI!! put the needle down this instant young man!
Evette: Oh no its quite alright Farrah he's just curious...its just a little blood, no biggie.
Tak: *laughs* ha yeah kid it'd take a lot more than a needle to pop them suckers!! bahaha

~~~~~~~~~From upstairs
KP: *hears Farrah's voice and jumps outta bed and goes to the top of the stairs to listen more closer.* Farrah!??

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:24:43pm

lemontree writes:
Evette: *blinks at yoshi* ummm balloons?? oh no dear these arent balloons....not at all. *looks at Farrah and then at Kazuya* another baby on the way Farrah you two have been quite the busy bees huh? *winks at them*
Farrah: *blushes* yes, another one....*smiles and sees Tak come to the door* Tak!
Tak: *SHOCKED* Well i didnt think God let his angels come to earth! ha! *winks at Farrah and then gives her a hug* good to see you again....*sees Yoshi* whos this lil dude?
Farrah: *smiles* This is my son Yoshi...and you remember Kazuya, my husband now.
Tak: Wow!! *nudges Kazuya's arm* Husband huh! congrats to you both! Well come on in!

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:14:06pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: no Yoshi we;re not sending anyone away. we're just here to see a few of my old friends. *smiles and Kazuya* i love your daddy very much just as much as i love you! *the door opens and Evette answers it*
Evette* Hello? *blinks* FARRAH!!! *hugs her tightly* Ive missed you so much!! and who is this young lad!?
Farrah: *smiles* its nice to see you too Evette, and this is my son Yoshi. and my husband *jesters to Kazuya*

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 3:02:30pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *giggles* now boys....dont fight. *smiles and kisses Yoshi's forehead and then kisses Kazuya* you are the two most dearest things to me...and i dont like it when ppl argue.

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 2:53:37pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *smiles and walks shortly behind Kazuya's pace* Of course you can get a llama honey....just be sure you keep it outside alright. Do you think you can do that for mommy?

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 2:26:11pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *smiles at Yoshi, takes Kazuya's hand off his mouth and picks him up* And you can get a pet when we come back home alright. *looks at kazuya* Please dont taganise Kirk when we go....please i dont want Yoshi to be in the middle of all of that nonsense.

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 2:17:40pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *nods at him* of course thats fine with me *smiles looks around for Yoshi and spots him in the neighbors yard* Yoshi, dear, come here.

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 2:08:07pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *smiles and scoots closer to him, laysher hand on his chest and kisses him sweetly. Then she looks at him and then kisses him again passionately* Kazuya......i love you....will you...will you make love to me??

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 1:41:51pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *her face turns a bright pink and she lowers her head* are the only guy ive ever been with....and you make me happy so i guess you are..that good *smiles lightly*

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 1:25:08pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *blushes* i suppose not....your not upset with me are you??

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 1:19:29pm

lemontree writes:
Farrah: *blinks at him* Kazuya.....?

Posted on: Mar 21st 2011, 1:14:14pm

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