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This is a story for Jack while still in Abby's lifetime. For the story after she dies, got to something>nothing

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Name:   Jack Hayes
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-01-20
Name: Jack
Clan: Gangrel
Affiliation: Camarilla (No more), Anarch (No more), VFF
Hero: Nines Rodreguez
Enemies: Los Angeles Anarchs (Headed by Ash), Sabbat (Leader unknown), Camarilla (Headed by LaCroix)
Allies: VFF (Co headed by Nines, Jack Hayes, Smiling Jack, and Damsel)
Neutral: Que Jin (Leader unknown)



Smiling Jack:


I jumped up into the open window of my apartment as I always did, enjoying the feeling of the breeze in my hair. when I stepped in, a brown haired girl all but tackled me in a tight hug, all the while screaming "Where the fuck have you been, Jack?!?" I hugged her tight, silently. What I was going to have to do wouldn't be easy, but it had to be done. "Abby... I'm leaving..." I said after a few moments of silence. She backed away quickly, stunned by what I had just said. "Wh... Why?" She forced herself to say. I could hear her heart beating rapidly. "Your brother... Ash... He took over the Anarchs..."
"Yeah, I know" She replied "What does that have to do with you?"
"Did you forget that I am- was an Anarch? Nines, me, and a couple other Anarchs who don't believe in the way he is running the place are taking off. Jagger's influence on him is too damn strong. He's only a few steps away from turning the place into a mini Sabbat army..."
"But- but- but..."
"No... I won't work under him, and until our new faction has it's place, we will be staying underground, which means I will be leaving the Camarilla."
"I.. I don't understand!"
"I'm giving you a choice now. You can either leave with me, or you can stay here where it's safe. I'm sure another vampire would be glad to lend you blood to survive off."
I tried to rush her. I knew if I could rush her she would stay with her sister.
"Please hurry... I need to leave"
"... Okay... Please just go..." With this, I left her a final kiss on the forehead and descended from the window to the ground. Three vampires were standing there. The first, Damsel, was a young, brown haired girl who, as always, looked ready to kill someone. The next was a much taller man with my own name. Smiling Jack was about six feet tall, covered in scars, and scary enough to chase off even the stupidest Malk; but he was total teddy bear to his friend. The final man, Nines Rodreguez, was only an inch taller than me, with blue hair, and a tattoo of the Anarch logo on his shoulder.
Jack gave me a hug and in a gruff voice said "I know how it feels, man. Just know that she's better off without you."
"Yeah..." was all I could muster.
Nines and Damsel watched silently as we embraced. When he finally let go, I turned to Nines. "Where do we go now, Nines?" I asked
"Kid, before we do anything we need allies." He replied "The question is, where do we get them?"
Damsel, always ready to give her opinion, suggested "Why don't we go talk to the Hollywood Nosferatu? They're always being picked on by the Cammys!"
"No," Jack responded, "Too risky. Despite the personal relationship, they work too close with the Camarilla to talk to without risking them knowing us."
Nines nodded "Despite the name change, we are still Anarchs, right?"
Everyone nodded their agreement
Nines continued "So, I say we get help from the most powerful group of Anarchs out there. The Los Vegas Anarchs. The entire vampire community there is Anarch." Despite what he claims, Nines is, and always will be the true leader of the LA Anarchs.
"Yeah! I'm sure they'd see how fucked up the new Anarchs are here, and they'd have no choice but to intervene!" I responded
"But we need more than them. I guaran-fucking-tee that by the time we got back, Ash will have started a civil war here." Jack claimed "As much as I hate saying it, we need to start recruiting factionless, clanless, and thinbloods."
We all agreed on this matter, deciding to leave the few followers we already have in LA to recruit while we went on our way to Vegas.
"Alright, Jack, I need you to get a semi." Jack nodded "Hayes and Damsel, come with me. We need to tell Skelter our plan.
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