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Name:   pixelprincess
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pdoubleo writes:
<3 love you.

Posted on: Nov 2nd 2017, 10:36:24am

skitzo writes:
hiiii, it's me, michaela ;)

Posted on: Jun 23rd 2017, 12:15:19pm

dawg writes:
hey Aileen, yew soooo pretty ☺

Posted on: May 4th 2016, 3:31:26pm

pdoubleo writes:
Hey, beautiful.

I know it's been a fucking long time, but God do I miss you. I know I haven't been a fantastic friend or good, to say the least, but I want you to know that with every day I spend without you tears me. I never thought anyone cared about me, and to know that you do surprises me. Not because I didn't expect that from you, but because no one ever really thought about me after all this time.

I'm so glad you are still around, available. You are the most perfect friend I have ever stood the chance of knowing. Even if our paths never cross, there's not a moment where I wouldn't wish to hug you and to tell you I'm here. I always have been.

I suppose I'm just good at fucking people over and screwing things up, but even after all of it, you are still here. You are the only light I have ever let in. I love and miss you so dearly, Aileen.

Come back to me <3

Posted on: Apr 7th 2016, 8:35:48am

pdoubleo writes:
I fucking love you, Aileen.

Posted on: Apr 7th 2016, 8:09:39am

bxbyelf writes:
To add to my comment, I've tried to let him go. That's one of the main reasons I try to abandon this website so much... I just can't. He's such a HUGE part of my life. You & him are the only ones who still aknowleged me after Sander & I broke up... He's literally the only man I can tolerate. Which is funny bc he kinda is a poop. *sigh*...

Posted on: Mar 31st 2016, 3:49:16am

bxbyelf writes:
It's not cruel. I would rather have you be honest than sugar-coat it. You're 100% right. I just don't want to let go... so many people have walked out of my life & I don't want anymore to leave... I'm tired of people leaving me.
How long ago did his mom pass away? He told me he never knew her... even if he is an as whole I still love him... As you can see, relationships aren't my strong suit.
I hope you do well! Let me know how it went :) & I understand the older & married part. Long story. Perhaps I'll tell you on FB. Men suck. Learned that just recently. Girls rule & boys drool. :p
I miss you & I hope you're doing well! I'm on my way to Canada right now. I'm cutting my hair before I leave. My ends are so dead it's not even funny ;-;
Let me know how stuff is going! <3

Posted on: Mar 25th 2016, 3:34:18pm

swag writes:
I'm fine, wbu?

Nobody Ever gets on this site anymore:(

Posted on: Feb 19th 2016, 1:52:04am

scene_boy writes:

Posted on: Jan 13th 2016, 11:24:26pm

teenage.misfit writes:
That's great! I miss you guys so much :/

Posted on: Jan 9th 2016, 5:44:58am

cursedmind writes:
It is for the best to end a relationship you aren't happy in.
So I'm glad y'all can be friends though :)

My boyfriend and I have been happily together for a year and a month.

Posted on: Jan 4th 2016, 5:53:49am

krampus writes:
You drive a bus, eh? Sounds like a nice job, but I don't know how you deal with kids. Kids are super annoying on the bus and I'm glad I never had to take a bus to school. Its full of screaming and just nonsense. I'm glad you have the patience to deal with them... Or are you like a bus driver for the public? Sorry I'm not too sure what you meant. I might've mistaken.

Well, I'm glad that he understood your feelings and wasn't hard on you. Its nice being friends with your ex's but I could never be friends with any of mine. They're all too immature. Yet again, all boys are pretty much immature. As long as you're happy that is all that matters.

Thank you so much... We don't have a date yet but I was thinking the Halloween of 2017. I've always wanted to get married on Halloween.... That's my favorite holiday so it just makes sense to do so, lol.

She almost passed away on Christmas Eve, but she pulled thru... It seems as if every day she gets worse from here on... Its gonna be hard for me when she passes, but at least she will be out of pain.

Posted on: Jan 1st 2016, 12:11:28am

pdoubleo writes:

Posted on: Aug 22nd 2015, 12:48:33pm

pdoubleo writes:
I hope you get on soon, I missed you.

Posted on: Oct 16th 2014, 9:47:47am

pdoubleo writes:
Also I really miss your face and your leopard printed hair and everything I rweally miss you oh my god ;-;

Posted on: Oct 14th 2014, 11:02:10am

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