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Since the world turned it's back against me...I'll turn my back against the world as well

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Name:   Ume
Birthday:   1994-01-24
Joined:   2007-05-29
Uploads:   22 graphics 

I am a lonely and lost soul. I do not like the real world which is why I go to a world of my own where the possibilities are endless. I have many friends but only a few TRUE friends...

I'm also an expert in air took me 3 years to master that ;P

I am sooooo OVER I like...HANATAROU!!!


TRIVIA: Ishida Uryuu (BLEACH) and Uchiha Sasuke (NARUTO) has the same voice actor which is Noriaki Sugiyama...;P

Renji-kun...*romantic sigh* You're sooooo KAWAII!!!


-What I Like-
Naruto (Anime)
Bleach (Anime)
The Moon and Stars
The Darkness...
Japanese Language, Culture

I just can't get enough of Hanatarou-kun!!!

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You have the eyes of a dreamer.

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I may be a Hitsugaya, Ishida, Renji, Sasuke, Neji and Gaara fangirl but I also have a "Shakespeare in the Making" edge. ;P

I make those tragic stories and stuff. And also those fanfics...(I HATE Hinamori/Hitsugaya!!!)

Quotes I Like:

"I will light a flame on the unreachable fangs, so I won't end up looking at the stars, so this throat won't be torn apart..." -Abarai Renji, 6th Division Vice-Captain, BLEACH

"The heart is the first thing that lives and the last that dies. It is the center of human feeling and emotion, the center of one's being" - William Harvey

"The less you have the more free you are...The rich are poorer than the poor. They are more lonely inside...They need something more...The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove rather than the hunger for bread." -Mother Teresa of Calcutta

"If you cannot bear the silence and the darkness, do not go there; if you dislike black night and yawning chasms, never make them your profession. If you fear the sound of water hurrying through crevices toward unknown and mysterious destinations, do not consider it. Seek out the sunshine. It is a simple prescription. Avoid the darkness."-Loren Eiseley

"I want to be a tree. A tree that will not move from my feelings and emotions. I can stay strong and simply stay in one place." -Haruno Sakura

"I want to be a bird. A free bird with no restraints. I can change my fate, I can change my own destiny." -Hyuuga Neji

"In the real world, those who don't follow rules are called trash but those who don't take care of their friends are worse than trash." -Uciha Obito

"A memory lasts forever, never does it die...true friends stay together and never say goodbye..." -Anonymous

"Never say "I love you" if you don't really care...
Never talk about feelings if they aren't really there...
Never hold my hand if you're gonna break my heart...
Never say you're going to...if you don't plan to start...
Never look into my eyes if all you do is lie...
Never say "hi" if you really mean "goodbye"...
If you really mean "forever" then say you'll try...
Never say "forever" because "forever" makes me cry..." -Anonymous

"...The light is not forgiving. It exposes one's deepest flaws with no mercy. It preys on the weak who only find solace in the darkness..." -Anonymous (I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I can relate to it...)

"Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder..."


"Feh..." -ME!!! ;P

Ok...these quotes are from (A.K.A.: The Ministry of Idiots)

"I’m smarter than you are, ha ha ha-ha ha!!!" -Albert Einstein, really smart guy

"The world is a square!" -Christopher Columbus, idiot who thought America was India

"Though must push! Push forth yonder fart!" -William Shakespeare, guy that talks funny

"Wait, how do you turn the computer on?" -Bill Gates, a rich nerd

"Hey, who left the toilet seat up?" -Prince Charles, a fancy-pants little aristocrat

"These tights are killing me!" -Robin Hood, dirty little thief

"Owie my pinky got hurted" -Bruce Lee

"Nothing good can ever come from staying around normal people" -Phth, founder of The Ministry of Idiots, (His name is pronounced like "fart")

"I'm tired of people saying I've got my finger on the button; I use my foot; it's more funny that way" -George W. Bush

"Shhhhhhhh Billy. Don't tell anyone I'm plagiarizing from grandma" -William Shakespeare

Gotei 13 Captains...

Just as the image says..."KNOW YOUR GOTEI 13" (I gots this from Hitsugaya-kun!!!)

I like Kurotsuchi Nemu (the pic below)

I really am practicing tai chi (chinese martial arts). It's really hard you know. Complete balance and concentration is needed here. (I don't have either of them) It's easier for me since I'm a Water Bearer and some other stuff.

You wanna see what Tai Chi is? Well then, look below...

The Symbol of Tai Chi...(it's below)

Chun-Li Xiang (from StreetFighter) is also a Tai Chi practitionist that's why I like her so much

This is a Chun-Li VS. Vega fight...WARNING: numerous panty shots are in this vid...

Name: Takara Ume (Treasured Plum Blossom)

Age: 14

Height: 5'1''

Status: Konoha Kunoichi, Jounin Level, Medic-Nin

Eye/Hair Color: Ice Blue Eyes, Black Hair

Hairstyle: Braided Hair, Long Side Bangs (decorated with ice blue ribbons)

Appearance: Black Ninja Dress(off shoulder, tight long sleeves) w/ slits on the bottom side, indigo short shorts underneath the dress, black glove on left hand, Ninja boots

Weapons: bao (3 foot wooden pole), red choker with retractable senbon attached, bow and arrows (sealed in a scroll)

Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Personality: sweet, timid, caring, dislikes fighting but only fights if needed, friendly, gullible, clumsy, fairly pretty

Best Friends: Hinata Hyuuga, Neji Hyuuga, Yamanaka Ino, Uzumaki Naruto, Rock Lee, Haruno Sakura, TenTen, practically everyone in Konoha, Temari, Kankurou, Gaara

Teachers: Hatake Kakashi, Tsunade (part time only), Kurenai Yuuhi

Abilities: has lightning speed, quick with feet, has strong kicks, fast reflexes, can dodge any attacks perfecty, is an expert in taijutsu, is an expert with handling the bao, has good archery skills, can dispell any genjutsu, is probably as strong as Hatake Kakashi by now

Likes (i'm reffering to men here): *blushes* m-maybe...uh...*mutters to self: Gaara-san*

Other Stuff: has no family, is a good artist, has an angelic voice, has an inner self just like Sakura


My Theme Song: I Decide by Lindsay Lohan

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