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Name:   Rin Katoi
Birthday:   1998-03-08
Joined:   2009-12-06

Hi My name is Rin Katoi. Where I go is none of your beeswax. I'm just kidding I don't go to school. I got tired of it. I'm 17 (technicly). I have a friend Rin. Since her name is Rin and my name is Rin everyone calls me R. I'm a demon and a fairy (well part demon and part fairy) oh and part vampire.. 0% human... >:D I also live on blood.. I HATE fairy or demon blood NASTY... witches blood is the BEST and rare but i will find it >:D...well bye.

vampire form

Fairy form

Demon from

yeah yeah i know for some reason my hair changes too

Family time

My Creator Siku

Name: Siku Katoi
Birthday: September 3
Family: Aiko and Rin
Fav. color: Dark blue
Type: Pure Vampire
Likes: Blood, Aiko, Evilness, hunting
Dislikes: Happy, Rin talking about her mom or family, and not hunting.

My Creator's Wife Aiko

I don't like her. She is very mean and bossy and doesn't let me hunt unlike Siku.

Name: Aiko Katoi
Birthday: June 25
Family: Siku (I don't count Rin)
Type: Half-pure vampire
Likes: Siku, not hunting, not turning people, niceness
Dislikes: Rin, Hunting, turning, evil

My Real Dad

Name: Sora Hatoi
Birthday: Aug. 16
Type: Half-Demon
Likes: Rin, my wife, making everyone happy
Dislikes: Vampires, fairies, anything else magical besides demons.

My Real Mom

Siku killed her and this is the only pic I could find of her... I think this is when he had his hair dyed blue and killed her.

Name: Cho Hatoi
Birthday: January 11
Type: Human
Likes: Family, goodness, doing good deeds, crafts
Dislikes: Evil, bad deeds, fairies, vampires, Siku

Name: Rin Katoi
Birthday: April 11
Type: Demon, fairy, and vampire
Likes: some family, hunting, blood, Akihito,
Dislikes: Aiko, not hunting, demon and fairy blood

Name: Ahito Knight
Birthday: November 30
Type: Pure-Vampire
Likes: Black, blood, Rin, kissing, and sexual inteactment with Rin.
Dislikes: Witch blood, staring, weirdness, nice

-The Story-
Ahito: hi
Me: hi
Friend: You two are sooo intresting.
Me: Go away. *Ahito laughs* You have to say stuff the way they are.
Ahito: Yeah I guess so...
Me: I'm hungry!!
Ahito: Me too *eyes change color*
Me: Let's eat HUMAN food today
Ahito: How did you-
Me: I'm not stupid.
Ahito: I will give you that much. Um... I coffee shop?
Me: *punches Ahito* Sure
Ahito: So... what are you gonna have?
Me: You'll see >:D *laughs*
Ahito: Fine *sighs*
Me: Fine cranky I am gonna have a salad and a burger. Nice combo right?
Ahito: Awesome...
Me: What r u gonna have?
Ahito: Steak
Waitress: What would you like to eat?
Ahito: I am gonna have a steak and she will have a salad?
Waitress: Ok. *leaves*
Ahito: N-no....
*Rin leaves and Ahito follows*
*Rin hides from Ahito and Rin blushes*
Ahito: RIN I ALWAYS HAVE *rubs back of neck* LIKED YOU!!
Me: Really? *giggles*
Ahito: Rin? Rin!!
-The Next Day-
Me: Um... Hi... Ahito *blushes*
Ahito: Hi
Me&Ahito: So about well... yesterday *Rin giggles*
Ahito: Well abou- *girl walks in*
Girl: Ahito come on.
Ahito: Just a sec I have to finish my conversation don't wait up.
*girl leaves*
Rin: Who was-
Ahito: I will tell you in a sec... I WAS gonna tell you anyway.. About last night... well that girl was kind of my ex-girlfriend... and well we kind of got back together.
Rin: YOU USED ME?!?!
Ahito: Well no.,... She just kind of called after everything and... I didn't know what to s-
Me: NO!
*Girl was secretly eavesdropping and comes back in with cup of orange soda*
Girl: Here you go Ahito... *poors orange soda down his shirt*
Me: you did NOT just do that *slaps other girl*
Ahito: ...
Girl: Oh it is OVER AHITO!
Ahito: Ok? *girl leaves*
Me: *kisses ahito* Can we-
Ahito: Date then? Yeah.. sure... but the thing is..-
Me: You already found another girl?
Ahito: No... it's just that well... people are onto us.
Me: *sniffles* Oh.
-The End-
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