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Off to Lala-land....!

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Name:   kimaran
Birthday:   2010-12-24
Joined:   2008-05-10
Location:   Here! In front of the computer!
Uploads:   65 graphics 
Soz been out for too long... I'll try and come back... maybe... I'll see^^

Well, hi! I´m Kimaran and I like a lot manga, specially Naruto!!! It Rockz!!^^ (You might have noticed that when you keep on reading my page^^ LOL) Yeah, Im cute and you can speak to me in Spanish, English and German if you want. I'm a very crazy person, I like having fun and I do not care what others think of me. I`m quite independient, but once I've got bests friends I couldnt live without them!! My GG best friends are on my idols list, so what r you waiting for to get to know me better? Maybe you we can get to be great friends!!
Because Im quite shy I don't go up to you to say mean stuff to you, so please dont come saying mean stuff to me!!
So this is a bit of information about myself:
name: Kimaran
B-Day: 24 December! YAYS^^
Personality: shy, funny, crazy, nice!!
Favorite food: Well, soup, rice, Pizza... you know, stuff like that...
Loves: MANGA!! Cats, NARUTO!! Internet, cute stuff, people who are nice, Japanese, Japan, Fiendz, Yaoi!!
Hates: Mean people, Maths, stupid boys ¬¬
Favorite japanese name: Sakura, Ran, Aiko.
My favourite sport is:
And I LOVE music


I specially love Jaejoong (Hero)!!!

Well, now to manga ^^
My favourite manga is Naruto, Gravitation and Junjou Romantica! ^^
Here r all the lists of Mangas I've seen:
1. Case closed (My first one eva!!!!)
2. Naruto
3. Sukisyo (My first Yaoi anime X3)
4. Gravitation
5. Loveless
6. Junjou Romantica!!
7. Fruits Basket!!!! (My first shojo anime!!)
8. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
9. Death Note
10. Gakuen Heaven
11. Ouran High School Host Club

I usually just watch one long anime until the end (like Naruto, which is veeery long) and the other ones that I watch I call them the "Part-time animes". Meaning: A part-time anime is a short anime, it's life is basically you watch it, get completely obssesed with it and you watch it another few times util another anime gets your attention and you forget about the other one... I watch part-time animes to get myself entretained until a new episode of Naruto comes out (They take one whole week to come out, can you believe it?!?!) and because You should also know other stuff that not always the same ^^

Here are my favorite Naruto characters:

Naruto Uzumaki

Woooo! Hes so cute here! Awww Love him!!

Sabaku no Gaara

Sakura Haruno

Go Sakura Ninja Girl!!

Sasuke Uchiha (well, I don't really care about him, hes arrogant...)

I think the Narusaku is the best couple!!!!

My second favorite couple is Sasunaru =3
They´re sooooo cute!!

True, true ^^

I'm soooo proud to be one!! Believe it!

Hell yeah, how can people not like it???

This is a very good anime!!! I luv it!!!

LOL! The Dancing Death Note staff!!!

My Fav character is L!!!! He's sooo smart!!

Aww... I also Love this cutie with the white hair, NEAR!!!.... He's soooo adorbale ^3^


My fav pairing (must be) LxLight!!! YAYS! But, sadly... it'll never come true TT^TT BUT! Episode 25 was soooooo good (except for the bit when.... woops! Spoiler! Not saying a thing ;P hehehe) and they looked soooo cute! kyyaa!

Yeah.. and guess what other random awesomly cute pairing crazy fangirls did??

Funny Death Note stuff!

Funny Naruto Fanart!!! LOLZ!

Thats Itachi LOL:

This is Random!!! LOLZ

Thess were made by a wounderful friend called ChoxieToxie! Your da best!!

This is from very Good friend called **Furubafan**!! Love you!!

This is just too cute!! Kyaa! thnx Cristi!!

I rly love this one!! Sooo cute, thanks a lot mimi!!!!^^

Made by an Awsome guy like Chris!!!^_^ You Rock!

Done by a great friend as cherryblossom345 is!!!^^ Youre rly the best!!!

Some vds!!!!

LOL! Just watch this is you have 10 minutes of your precious life you don't mind wasting....
Sorry.. couldn't find it on this website.....

DBSK songs that are really niceeee!!
Top songs:
1. Survivor

Nice English version of "Survivor"! (Actually the original one though..xD)

2. Mirotic

English one, very funny!!

Spanish one! In my opinion, the best!!!

3. Rising sun


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kimaran writes:
OMG I havent been around here since..... agess O.O

Posted on: Sep 11th 2013, 11:25:48pm

kayykayy2010 writes:
Added You!

Posted on: Dec 28th 2012, 7:55:02pm

akaneko writes:
hi yasashiburi desune y si se hace examenes cada semana lamento la tardansa pero tuve un problema con la compu hontoni gomennasai

Posted on: Jun 22nd 2011, 9:04:50am

Posted on: Apr 13th 2011, 8:29:04am

nipper102030 writes:
Hello C:
Just wanted to kindly let you know that I am clearing out my friends list. Please reply to this message within 2 weeks or else I will not add you back.

Posted on: Jan 13th 2011, 8:53:12pm

Posted on: Oct 20th 2010, 9:13:47am

skyarcobaleno writes:
No bueno Kimaran no sabz d lo q hablas
si tan solo lo vieras bien mal plan es muy bueno preguntale a cualqier otaku q conoscas y veras
el op 11?? cual era.....Kaze wo Sagashite???? esta BUENISIMO porq como no captas lo q pasa pus....hahahaha sin ofensa esa la temporada d Marineford es la mejor Whitebeard pirates vs Shibukai and the entire marine force (con los 4 admirales y Garp OMG OMG!!!)

Posted on: Sep 22nd 2010, 5:18:04pm

skyarcobaleno writes:
coooooool XD
pus a mi encanta one piece e Ikimono Gakari 'ttbayo

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 7:57:46pm

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