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Ɩ ℓσvɛ мʏ đσиɢ-sɛαиɢs sσ мʋcн ♥ 사랑해!! My Friends Are My Heaven

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Name:   ìœ ë‚˜
Birthday:   1989-10-22
Joined:   2009-01-03
Location:   KPOP world!
Uploads:   834 graphics 

I'м ʏʋиα
Ƭαℓκ тσ мɛ тσ κиσω мσяɛ..

тωιттɛя тʋмвℓя

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shawol. writes:

haha yeah USA is amazinggg:33
you should go visit there!;D
yeah i keep in contact with most of my friends
in other the ones from Taipei
but i dont keep in contact much with my USA friends :|

ohhh! i feel stupid for making that mistake
when i love bof so muchxD i never knew his real name
so yeah :| oh Kim Joon really looks like Minho!x3

OMFG wait.. KBS interviewed your friend saying
"arabian girls came to S.korea cuz of their love to kpop and language" 0_0
lucky thingggggsx3
lalala-watching k-pop live mistakes on youtube-xDD

okay well now im getting lazy tooxD
im not checking -everydayyy-
but i still go on once every 2 days, i think? :P
im not bothered to go on today XDDD

LOVEEE YOUUUU MY KPOP SISTER:D <33 -adds you to lovers- hehee:33

Posted on: Sep 23rd 2010, 8:28:39am

shawol. writes:

yeah i know!
aigooooo i cant even remember a thing about japan nowxD
apart from looking at the photos
yeah that's why i love taipei,
my best friends...i know the place well and everything:33
yeah i do miss taipei tons, and my best friends there :|
yeah, i move a lot T_T i was in USA for 2 years,
then Hong Kong for 2 years approx,
then taipei for 4 years...then hong kong from when i was
6..until now(:
oh. wow. staying at a country for all your life
that's lucky (:

haha cool!(:

lolxD Kim Joon? you mean Kim Hyun Joong...or Kim Bum?
sometimes they really look alikexD
i dont know..visit SHINee's family? how do you do that?0_0"
i sent a message to Key through this Shawol website

yeah true....that's why i want to know the hidden meaning so bad!
so im like..going onto everyday nowxD
lmfao -crazy shawol- hahahaaa x)

yeah true! cause 'never be seen again' should be death
cause or else they could always meet up or something
i think he will reveal the hidden meaning soon.
so .... -goes on ahahahxD

thanks! love your profile tooo:33

Posted on: Sep 22nd 2010, 4:36:11am

shawol. writes:

i know..third comment...i just forgot to tell you thisxD
for the 'hidden meaning' thing
here is the article thing about it on

Posted on: Sep 21st 2010, 5:03:13am

shawol. writes:

oh right!
did you listen to SHINee's new song
'Obsession' in their album Lucifer yet?
jonghyun said that there's a hidden meaning in the song
and here are the clues:
1) The woman left towards a place that could never be seen again

2) The man has a dual personality and is suffering from a mental illness

i think ive got a bit of the meaning?
like the girl is like dying or something
because the 'mental' guy has done something to her..
cause it saids something about 'the guy throwing
away the girl' in the lyrics >i read the eng lyrics<
but im not sure. i cant wait till he tells the fans what
it actually means!;D

Posted on: Sep 21st 2010, 5:02:38am

shawol. writes:

haha yupppp-dances-
i'm so happyxD and really really HHYYYYPPPERRR x)
ive only been to japan once. when i was really young
this will be the first time i go to japan,
without falling asleep for the whole day
and waking up at nightxD
i was so jet lag when i was young(;
and taipei...well my best friends are there
and i lived there for 4 and a half years
so, i really love the country(:
it's like where i spent half of my childhood
and now im spending my teenager life in hong kong;D

ohhh lololololololxD
i thought you were serious
and i was like
woooooow a song called Seoul Sister?
ive heard of Hey, Soul Sister
but never seoul sister

nooooooo not key in incheon
minho was born in incheon
key in daegu
yeah i know right?
i was like 'where the heck is gwangmyeong'?
i found these info on wikipedia just so you know(;
i wanna go visit all of their home towns!
especially seoul, jonghyun and taemin's hometown
but well i wanna visit daegu just as much as i wanna visit seoulxD
cause my favorite in the group is key*-*
omfg do you know that it's key's birthday this thursday? on the 23rd? :DDDD
i cant wait to celebrate itxD

Posted on: Sep 21st 2010, 4:59:11am

shawol. writes:

i'm greaaaat today:3
im really hyperxD
im not single-dances- lololololxD
gah my next holiday is in october,
and im going to either taipei or japan..
then after that i think the next one is in december
and then it'll be freezing cold><'
gaaah i need to find time to go to seoul!!:33

omg there's a song called 'Seoul Sisters'?
you serious?xD
by who? rofl!xD
well she isnt a kpop or anything fan :/
so it would have been so embarrassing to put 'seoul sister' on her page ><"

no i dont know any Busan people.
yeah key's from Daegu:3
i wanna visit daegu now!xD
and also seoul(for definateee!xD)

jonghyun was raised in seoul
taemin was raised in seoul
key was raised in daegu
minho was raised in incheon
onew was raised in gwangmyeong

lmfao i just went and researched all thatxD

and im not that familiar with CN Blue people
i only know one of their song :|

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 6:45:25am

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