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Ɩ ℓσvɛ мʏ đσиɢ-sɛαиɢs sσ мʋcн ♥ 사랑해!! My Friends Are My Heaven

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Name:   ìœ ë‚˜
Birthday:   1989-10-22
Joined:   2009-01-03
Location:   KPOP world!
Uploads:   834 graphics 

I'м ʏʋиα
Ƭαℓκ тσ мɛ тσ κиσω мσяɛ..

тωιттɛя тʋмвℓя

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myungstarr. writes:
SLR .___.
yeah teehee :3 i sure hope too o 3o

how are you ~? wtf. xD hahahaha
i'm marianne. but call me rian c:

Posted on: Apr 29th 2012, 9:01:09am

myungstarr. writes:
안녕하세요~! :)

thank you. i love yours as well. aww. myungsoo ftw <3 xo.

listed you as my lover.
anyway, i'm gonna ask you something. if you don't mind mhm ~? :3

Posted on: Apr 29th 2012, 3:55:26am

-hina writes:
thanks, c;
im jenny.

Posted on: Apr 29th 2012, 2:20:48am

myungstarr. writes:

Posted on: Apr 26th 2012, 8:46:00am

homy writes:
Srrrryyy for the suuuper late reply , teachers are killing us , I have 2 exams everyday T__T
R u ok now??? I got sick when we were in turkey & it was really bad
H.ow r u??

Missssing you <3

Posted on: Apr 18th 2012, 5:43:47am

-hina writes:

Posted on: Apr 18th 2012, 4:10:38am

$asuke uchiha writes:

hewo ,unni
*votes 4 Rain*
Woonie & G.O....ahh so adorable!!! *dies of cuteness*
lol can't stop thinking about G.O lately XD no pick of the guy yet..but I think my friends have a bunch of them(since they were the ones who ordered people to take pictures of us)..I'll ask them 4 some so that I can send it to you :)))
have you heard of the "Kiss Note" commercial?
It's a lipstick commerical of Dara & has 4 parts
Each one of them kisses Dara :O





lol there's no Onew though...cause he was sick when they started filming it :(
Awww! I really wanted to see Onew <3

xoxo~luv chu

Posted on: Apr 17th 2012, 11:25:09am

$asuke uchiha writes:

<---joonie for you~~
it' summertime here...ugh so hot!!
well at least there's no school >:)
lol so much has happened since I was gone...
so sorry I that was gone, unni :,(
kk so imma share some of my stories :D

last February there was a event in school that for one whole
week we had to manage our booths and stuff and the booth for
our class was called the "Marriage Booth"....well the thing
is the customer pays and he writes down the two people whom
he wants to be "married".So we track down those 2 particular people then have
them seated next to each other and have a wedding ceremony and then later
tie them up together (only the hands :/) and they have to stay up tied up
together at least 1 hour unless the customer pays additional more. And if
they try to cut the rope they have to pay.

So what happened was I was running....(well kk my friend set me up with some guy)
and my classmates were chasing me. I hid in the restroom and eventually they
tricked me and told me that a teacher is looking for me.(why did I fall for that?)
So our "wedding ceremony" began and I was staring at my friend's face that said "Oh! they
are so perfect for each other look". The thing was this guy that they set me up with..well
he was a foreigner...a Taiwanese dude(I don't know him..but he's hawt!).and everyone stared taking pictures. we both said
our I do's and he led the way out...and he was headed to his classroom!.

My friends were
behind me and kept telling me where are you going!!. and I was like "I dunno with him".
So what happened was I stopped him from coming inside(I'm such a terrible person!) My

pleads finally lead my friend to take pity on us and she cut the rope and finally I was free
and my friends said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"...well all that happened the day before my actual
b-day..... anyways ,so now whenever I see the guy we
have a awkward moment..we like stare at each other 2 secs and well..I would
run embarassing! btw...he kinda looks like G.O!!

===love you,unni===

Posted on: Apr 8th 2012, 2:41:07pm

$asuke uchiha writes:
Hello,unni <3
Imma back XD
I've missed chu so much~
have u heard of EXO? their MV History iz really nice :D
~~Love u, Miss u~~

Posted on: Apr 3rd 2012, 4:03:40am

homy writes:
pretty fine ... tnx
srrrryyyyyy it was my bday o i was sooo busy & ....

i liked it tooo , but the dance is kinda funny (the running part) heheh! & taemins long hair is killing meee! i dont like it >>>
how have you been ?????????

i missed uuuuu....
saranghae unni <3 <3 <3

Posted on: Mar 25th 2012, 1:06:05pm

homy writes:
hi unni~
how r u doin'???
sry it took me areally long time to reply(again)*sighs*
its our new year tomorrow so i was kinda busy~ but im not that exited for it , i dunno why xD

wooooohoooooooo SHINee's comeback , im sooooo happy! i was getting sick of all those japanese songs :P. but minho looks like a baby in the pics hehe...

missing you, saranghae~

Posted on: Mar 19th 2012, 3:30:44pm

homy writes:
oh my gaaaawwwwd , sooo sry i couldnt answer T__T
B.A.P is awesomeeee im sooo in love with them . can you belive zelo is just 5 months older than meee? im soo jealous T__T bus he's so cute!

always missing you~.

Posted on: Mar 2nd 2012, 1:23:02am

Posted on: Feb 14th 2012, 11:13:40pm

Posted on: Feb 14th 2012, 7:18:02pm

Posted on: Feb 11th 2012, 9:08:36pm

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