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Spending another christmas again with a bunch of idiots...aka...friends. Anyways,merry christmas people

Name:   Justin ParkerRanking:   --
Birthday:   1920-01-01Country:   Egypt
Joined:   2010-11-26Location:   Inside the pyramid,fvcking a hot mummy.
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Name:   Justin Parker
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-11-26
Location:   Inside the pyramid,fvcking a hot mummy.

Justin Parker

Justin Parker is my name.I don't care what else you call me. Be a bitch or whatever.Loser,dick.Yeah,wtf.Anyways,I'm 18 and a demon guardian of death.I'm dating Cianna Prext,the thunder guardian and is the leader of all guardians.As of now,i'm living here in earth.I live with my 2 brothers and a sister.Our parents died because of what you call 'LOVE'.We were protected by our greatest enemies;ANGELS. Yeah,mother fucking angels.Fallen ones I mean.The leader's you might probably know:Lucifer or Satan. Our pack is full of good demons.We're entrusted to protect something.Can't tell.More of this assholes.

Cianna Anne Prext where do i begin?She's a total bitch.Just kidding.I like her.I love her.I want her.Everything.She's pretty immature at times but her being immature is one thing i like about her.Very funny,curios and gorgeous. I first met her at the demon kingdom where she was entrusted to be the lightning guardian.It was love at first sight,i tell you honestly.She was so friendly that i just froze when she introduced herself to me.We dated when i told her my true feelings..and she told me she felt the same way...OK,ENOUGH!

Zero Kiriyuu

Zero rival,including Cianna.He has been my rival ever since we were still little.He is also a vampire and a death type of demon.He was almost anointed as the death guardian but lucky for me,I was picked.Also in Cianna,as i have mentioned.He also likes her and wants her but again,Cianna prefers me.We ARE friends but we're still rivals over everything.

& Kei Parker

Precious and Kei..I don't know what to say about them.I was still 8 when we were attacked by our enemies.Other siblings were younger.Much younger.They protected us with all there might and they died because of that.My mother was the death guardian and father was the fire guardian at there age.So Kira and i inherited some of their skills.I rarely got to see them cause at that time also,they were like back and forth at the demon kingdom for some jobs.

Kira Erinity Anox

Kira..yeah.She's my fvcking sister.Surprise?You should be.Her last name is Anox,i know that.So how?Simple.She changed her family name to Anox.IDK why but she likes that word since she was just a little kid.When she was 14,she changed it to Anox.She's proud to be a Parker to so her middle name's that.

Slate Parker

Slate..He's 12.He's the youngest in our family.He was still 2 when our parents died so he really doesn't have lots of memories about our parents.Pity him.He has a huge crush on my girlfriend's sister and he is a fire type of demon.Also,he is the smartest in our family.Yes,smarter than me or Kira or Kumori.He is said to be "gifted".At the age of 1,he can speak very well and very clearly.At the age of 2,he can write thoughtful poems or whatsoever.At the age of 5 he can solve any math problem.Yes,any.Including trigonometry or even algebra,ech.So,yeah.That. Also,he's the one trying to keep us out of trouble especially Kumori.

Kumori Parker

Kumori is the "asshole" in our family.He's a trouble-maker and the idiot of the family.If you're living in our house,expect a lot of cops visiting our house everyday.He steals,lies,cheats,gambles.Everything.I even wonder if our parents didn't died,i think we would be a splendid man.But he's not.He has a girlfriend,but does sex with other girls.He's girlfriend doesn't mind.Since they dated,i was always wondering this:is he serious in his relationship with Amellie?

Kaori Anderson

Kaori is one of my best friends and is dating Aislinn.We met way back kindergarten and is a lightning type of demon like Cianna.He is the drummer in our band,and i tell you,he's mastered drumming shits very well.He also has a talent for singing but prefers to be the drummer.He's living on he's own,as of now.

Ryan Poschell

The "Eye-Patched Dude"..that's what we commonly call him.It's because he's always wearing a patch.No,not because he's eye is injured or anything but he just likes to be blind sometimes.He's dating Kaylee,my girlfriend's best friend and is also a vampire like Zero and a death type of demon like the both of us.He's the guitarist and the pianist in our band,by the way.

Krow Gaunt

The prankster of the group..Krow.He's an air type of demon and is dating my sister,Kira.Who else is my sister?He is the bass player in our band and a total prankster.He got me a lot of times.He also likes to dance and he's the composer,too.Although,even though he's a prankster,he's got unbelievable skills.Totally.


I technically deserve this for coming late in our date.

Don't be too greedy Krow!


Zero and Me

My demon form

Skykes.I found her last year on the streets.She looks very poor and i adopted her.
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bambi.<3 writes:
ew, anime fag!

Posted on: Sep 6th 2011, 12:59:48pm

marceline the vampire writes:
Hi ^^
wanna join an anime club?? :3
You don`t need jobs, here you can come talk about anime/manga stuff or ask us ^-^
We want as many members as possible so please come and join us!! :3 At least check us out ;)

Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 6:39:46pm

cianna. writes:
sure,all of us can's ok with that.anyways,it's free,i think.
and yeah,making another one.she's gonna be my twin. Ciarra Mae Lantil Prext

Posted on: Dec 18th 2010, 9:51:17am

wendell.kaylee writes:
Hey Justin! Added

Posted on: Nov 27th 2010, 4:39:10am

wendell.kaylee writes:
Hey Justin! Added

Posted on: Nov 27th 2010, 4:38:56am

cianna. writes:
it's cute?
did you recolor it?

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 11:28:22pm

cianna. writes:
what time did you sleep last night?
*ROFL!!Zero has red eyes!

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 11:21:51pm

cianna. writes:
stfu!can't sleep.
okay,i'll sleep.
be sure to sleep before 3 am okay? :)
<3 love you

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 11:53:16am

cianna. writes:
Hi justin!! <3
And yeah.I'm still up. :p
Anyways,why are u still up too?

Posted on: Nov 26th 2010, 11:47:30am

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