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Name:   jordanxraexhikarixtragedyxx
Birthday:   1994-03-22
Joined:   2008-09-18
Uploads:   6 graphics 
Called Angel by most. I'm kooky,crazy, and funny. All my friends love me for that and just being me not caring what others think. I am me and always have been and I can be rude and/or bitchy. I don't try to be it just happens when people piss me off. You would have to talk to me and learn more about me to understand me otherwise you will know nothing. Assuming gets you nowhere but up a creek without a paddle. Try and get to know me you might love me. I love Anime and graphic/fashion designing,and Music has become part of my life. Such crazy people that do not know anything about me Leave me alone and go away! *cries* Well if you don't like me I don't really care. If you got an attitude with me take it and shove it people you know where get with the program ,and don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya for the smart ones that's get out and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. As with my comments and sarcasm you may think I never smile. There is one guy that can always make me smile he may not always know it but he is the reason I smile,laugh,giggle, or do anything I'm rarely seen doing. No matter my mood he always makes me smile or laugh that's one of the many reasons I love him. He is sweet ,funny,and everything a girl looks for He is always there even when he does not have to be. He puts me first if I'm happy he is happy and if he is happy I'm happy. He is the best boyfriend ever. Random moments I have like this are what make me lovable. Talk to me and you may grow to like me but if your rude....well all I can say is um...bite me! I live to please no one. I am me and your approval isn't needed. It's like this love me hate I promise it won't make or break me.I get tired of people trying to live my life. Unless you have already lived it stay out of it. Don't judge me because you don't know won't know and never will know every single detail about me so back off. .

o(^.^)o Starting importance would be If I could create a whole new world where I can define it as reality in my perspective, it will probably lie along the lines of fantasy and magic. I love dreams, imagination, the unrealistic. I will turn all of that into my world. I wouldn't wish for "I want a perfect world" or "I want for all the poor people to have something to eat every day", just like every usual human being. Everything has it's reason right? o.O My world would be a place where insane people can run around wild all day long; where I can have a paradise made up of dark and white angels; where I can sleep all day without having a stress or worry; where I can have tea parties with each and every ancestor of mine. A world that is not right or wrong. A world where you can express yourself where people do not judge without knowing. A world where imagination is a big factor for you to live.

Moving on to my meanness.This is what gets me about others they think I'm mean I am serious, and or painfully honest sometimes I feel like I just talk and talk and people probably get offended once in a while. Ive bumped into all sorts of individuals, people who I have supposedly offended, are one. I don't do it on purpose. But this makes me wonder, (yes i wonder a lot), people don't like to be told the truth. Why can't we express ourselves all the way? Have you ever thought about crazy people? I actually wrote a seven paper essay on what is "insane" to me. How can someone define somebody else as insane if we don't know what normal is. I think, so-called insane people to society, are people who are truly living. People who can't and will not hold in how they feel. If I go outside and run like a maniac holding up a sign that says "gangsters should get a job and stop acting pathetic" ill probably get shot! I can't do that, I have walk the street like a "normal" person. Pretend life is the greatest thing. Pretend I have a job to do. Hold inside what I really feel about gangsters, you, her. I admire insane people, does that make me insane?
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