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what good is trying to be good when you always end up wronge?!?!

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Name:   hyper240
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im glad im back ^-^

some things its not about what you can and cant do you just do.

note to self:
shows to check out
♫:good show meets aspectations

1.shikabane hime
2.maria sama ga miteru rei
5.denpa teki na kanojo
6.chi sweet home


name:yumi hatake
weapon:have to wait for that to
team mates:comeing soon to noisy viewers like chu!
jutsu:paralize plasma jutsu



me:*wakes up turns on the mp4 player listens to kesha tic tock puts on my new alfit looks in the mirror*i need make up...*puts
mascara on light eye shadow heads down and kekoshi looks at me like this O_O*...*shrugs and heads out the door*
kikoshi:*runs out after me*get back in and change
me:and why?
????:Yumi!!lets go oh*looks at me*thats phat!!
me:bye daddy!!*heads off*i love this song its so fun
????:*pops on of my ear buds in her ear*tic tock?thats hot!!
me:you no me only the best well they want me for some odd mission
thats odd right they never want me
????:ME TOO!! wonder why...
Me:well lets go and find out...*we head down and they talk us half to sleep but then woke us up*huh???
me:*rubs my head*jeez....whta was that for??
Yasuna:what happened too....*looks at my alfit*
me:what i changed? well gotta go sis mission time
Yasuna:NOT WITHOUT!*i left* -_- having a cookie...
me:*looks at my paper*so i gotta watch a girl named-
me:*looks at the paper of the picture and matches*so your the girl? are you a princess?
????:yes i have a de-
me:O_O*covers her mouth*oh shit!! ok now i see so ugh*thinks my own sister is in that gang....
and she left for a mission so great shes the more powerful now what? hmm....*
????:my name is midaki yumisi whats your name?
me:yumi hatake
midaki:well i need to go to the sand village and your part is over.
me:well lets go then*been about a hour were in the desert already and keeps a good watch
on things..tipicaly looking for really big birds*....
midaki:your troubled....someone close to you your worried about?
me:O_O *jumps* jeez....sorry but yeah but not so much worried about them.
midaki:then what?
me:well i found out that my sister has join a group who wants to take demons away from there barrior and they get killed in the prosses. and one of them has a really big bird and drops bombs on people. thats what im worried about if i cant get you to the sand village to another ninja quick
they will find out your a easy target.
madaki:hmm...i see but i also no you barly get missions why you?
me:well i have my secerts on why is that. my jutsu is unique. me and my sister are as powerful as are hokage but my sister has a demon and she went off with the bad group on a mission. meaning im
only one open. one have a fish face by any chance?
me:sadly yes why?
midaki:uhhhh.....*points at kisame*
me:crap. *pulls out two chains with blades at the end*stay close
midaki:wouldnt think of leaving.*pulls out a gun out her hoodie*
kisame:*looks at her and me*give her to us and you leave alive
me:...*laughs*that is soooo old im sorry but the face and your line!talk about a horrible que XD
kisame:*swings his giant sword and me and him battle*
me:*uses one chain rapps him with it uses the other to take his sword out his hands and has him*paralize plasma jutsu!*lets go and he is in the air chocking*bad fish.*gets nocked in the head and finds myself in a wooden box in water. i paddled back to hidden leaf village and
explain everything about the akatsuki kisame and midaki.
tsuande:hmmm....i have another mission for you. report back to gaara midaki is there safe but gather information with gaara your sister reported your back up the way things sound is
not good
me:my sister was never there. i clearly remember that
only me midaki and kisame.
tsuande:great just great.
me:what should i do in the mean time?
tsuande:i want you to get to hidden sand village as quick as you can you must go with her till she reaches her destination.
me:understood.*leaves to go home and get prepared*
tsuande:the way things sound yumi is in danger her and they didnt want her back. at all....
but why would her sister be in this...they never fight....
~~~back to moi~~~
me:*searches for the weopon for the job*okay my best weopon gone so i have all other things but
what is good for keep away ppl from nocking me out keeping the princess okay and has
far range.....O_O gun *Searches for something of the sort*maybe.....aha! the 22.silver pistol now clothes!looking normal will get me far....*
wears a hoodie and red skirt and puts my hair in pig tails
supplies plenty of water for myself this time and plenty of money*hmmm...maybe i
thats wronge yuyu....but if i do peak in her....*heres a thud in my sisters room*O_o *leaves faster than a cheetah on caffen. arrives in sand village and goes to gaara's office door and knockes*its yumi
gaara:come in.
me:*enters and see's midaki fine and well*
midaki:yumi!*goes to me and hugs*your safe.
me:you to.
gaara:yumi midaki lets get back to are mission.
me:*organizes myself and sits* yes. how did this all happen cuz i like to get the guy who did this.
gaara:me to but thats not your mission. your mission is to get midaki to the sound village were she belonges.
me:O_O what!! but orchimaru!!
midaki:yes i know he left somewhere and everyone rid the 'bad people' away.
so i need to go there and keep peace there once again.
me:understood. but first can i get a can of soda i am de-hidrated from the desert.
gaara:*gives me his evil eye*hurry up and go.
me:*jumps up and me and midaki head out* well just you and me ag-
me:O_O yasuna i
yasuna:*gets off* sorry! ^^'
gaara:yasuna get in here
yasuna:O_O uh oh....*leaves*
me & midaki:*leaves and gets soda*so what possesed you to take over that village until a hokage can?
midaki:the people.
me:*we stop at a empty house and relax there*now....time for yumi's extreme speed cooking!!!*with a tap of a finger has hot ramen ready for them both and 2 cans of soda* done!
midaki:O_O wtf....okay *eats and they both sleep*
yumi:*wakes up*...*laying in blood looks over and midaki is dead*whaa?!?!?! no....
this....*eyes turn red and black the light hiting her eyes are cyan*NO!!!*crying*
they will die!!

*gets up and heres a sick laugh*who the hell is here? you monster come out!!
face me!!!
orchimaru:hello there like my work? she was going to take over she had to be disposed. *smiles sinisterly*
yumi::you sick bastered!!!*claws come out my nails* she was good!! she could be a hokage!!!
orchimaru:they dont need more. Unlike some people you know if you turn back with a failed mission how would it look?
me:i dont care as long as i kill you i rather serve my damn penulty or what ever!!*charges at him with instead of anger she understands one thing he can't win agiants she fills herself with love and spirit*broken heart wing dance jutsu!!!*black wings sprout behind her and she spins into a whirl wind and sends love and spirit at him and he is hurled and in pain*
orchimaru:how could this be.....Yumi....with a raven demon???....of love?*flees out of thin air*
me:NOO!!!!*demon trys taking over now*noo.....
demon:hello turn
me:never!!! i held you in before i still can!!!*using all her strength trying to keep her in even with all the pain she calms it and her eyes are back to cyan*
ugh....*faints into a nightmare*
nightmare:she is back home...but with caring midaki's body
everyone is rowed both sides of the rode her demon is too but glaring at her.
peoples faces are in discust people spit on her and tsunade ripps her ninja head band
off her accusing her of her failed mission with a hidden demon risking peoples lives
with that is surved dealth...she has to leave dishonored and leaves midakis body right there to flee and her demon trys killing her as she tries leaving.
she leaves to join orchimaru and he ends up killing her.*
yumi:*wakes up to gaara looking at her*...*cries*im sorry.....
gaara:I know. Who did this??
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