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Name:   Reiichi
Birthday:   1997-02-11
Joined:   2007-11-04
Location:   Washington
Uploads:   58 graphics 
Hello there. I arrive from a long break from G-G. kind of stopped going on after awhile.

Now, if your reading this and think im a TOTALLY boring person who reads the dictionary for fun, your wrong. XD. Im actually a fun person, but when i give information about myself, or...when im ''serious'', i can be really blunt.

Im usually a fun person to talk to, but i have serious streaks. When im serious, dont bother to even talk to me, because i can be a huge douchebag.

My OC (original character) is Reiichi. A shinigami rabbit. He's a pervert and is bisexual. X:. He likes to flirt a lot, and you'll see him a lot on my deviantart, if you ever BOTHER to look at it.

I plan on going to Sakura-con in 2011 with some of my closest friends. If your going, give me a comment so we can see eachother or something.

I hate a lot of things. I hate posers. I hate girls that wont stfu. I hate girls who think they're popular. I hate middle school. I hate immature girls OR guys. I hate people that dont understand. I hate abusers. I hate people who overuse the blur tool when drawing. I hate people who lie. I hate plagiarism in art. I hate gangsters, wiggers, and chiggers. (really, i do, im not racist though.) I hate rap music and country music. I hate weeaboo's. I DESPISE people who bring their conflict on the internet, and expect other people to handle it FOR them. I hate people who dont seem to open their eyes and realize life isnt partying and having fun. I hate people who wont take responsibility. I hate being lazy. I hate it when people fish for compliments. I hate girls who take ''myspace'' pictures of themselves. I hate girls who are camera whores. I hate it when camera whores take pictures of themselves, they push up their upper lip, or make a stupid ass kissy face, as an attempt to look cool. I hate fitting in. I hate girls that when they are popular, they take advantage of it, and think they can do whatever the fuck they want, just because they have a lot of friends. I hate drugs. I hate smoking. I hate beer, or any alcohol for that matter. I hate it when people say they wish their parents were dead, even though in reality, they would be lost without them. I hate it when i have to be the parent to people who are older than me, and they seize to realize that they are seeking guidance from a fucking 12 year old. I hate art block. I hate being fat. I hate sweet things. I hate adolescence. I hate people who HATE me. I hate random raging. I get annoyed by whiny voices. I hate begging. I have a phobia of heights. I have a phobia of roller-coasters. I hate people who force their religion on me. Like i said, i have more SHIT i hate, and most of it are caused by PEOPLE.

I also have a lot of things i love..

I love cosplaying. I love anime. I love paprika. I love veggies. I love my friends. I love drawing anime. i love making manga. i love my family, especially my mom. I love running. I love swimming. I love it when people compliment my artwork. I love it when people visit my deviantart. I love it when people deviantwatch me. I love Yaoi and Yuri. I love Vocaloids. I love horror. I love it when people say im ''pro'' at drawing. I love it when people say i should continue on what im doing. I love receiving gifts. I love giving gifts. I love talking to my awesome friends on the phone <3. I love the color purple. I love energy drinks. I love tofu. I love people who understand my sense of humor. I love my ''stalkers''. I love I love pchat. I love reiichi. I love Akio. I love people that look up to me. I love to solve CERTAIN people's drama. I love...not much else.

I know that paragraph isnt as long as my hate one, but dont think wrong of me because of that. X:

Uhm...anyways. Here is a sample of my artwork if your interested. To see more just got on my deviantart. X:


*offtopic* on them plzz ._.

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I gots a dA to <3
My names Rainbow-Kryptonite on it ;D

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