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I love you too, Kameryn.. And I probably always will.

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Birthday:   1998-11-04Country:   United States
Joined:   2012-04-11Location:   most likely in front of the computer
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Name:   Kameryn
Birthday:   1998-11-04
Joined:   2012-04-11
Location:   most likely in front of the computer

if you see this, add me on snapchat, @kamerrrrrryn (6 Rs) ;

I have lived to thank God that all my prayers have not been answered.
-Jean Ingelow
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stiles. writes:
awww thank you <3

Posted on: May 5th 2014, 1:48:29am

thefaultsmine, writes:
I miss you too love<3

Posted on: Apr 15th 2014, 9:07:27pm

ly|love writes:
Oh im wrong XD sorry for that :(
Hm how's life

Posted on: Apr 12th 2014, 10:25:05am

exquisite. writes:
kam kam,

omg kam i am legit so sorry i missed your birthday stahp okay literally beating myself up right now. you are legit (why do i say that so much help) the most perfect human being ever. like i'm not even kidding if face trading was possible i'd make an appointment k? k. but no really you're more than gorgeous, you're flawless and so is your personality. that's where we don't match up but we do have the same birthday, which is srsly amazing. i'm 100000000000% sure you're an angel sent from the heavens, and i thank God for putting you into my life. i wish i remembered to check this site more often, because i think talking to you is worth it.
i'm just really glad and thankful that i met you. and andrea, and everyone else. you guys are such good people and good friends, and you really do deserve the best in life. you better not ever doubt yourself or i'll be really mad because whatever it is, you can do it. own it, gurlfrand . wow i really am stupid but aside from that i just really hope you enjoyed your birthday. remember, it was your day ok it was kind of ours.
i just really hope i get to meet you all some day..i think that we would make a real good team, we would kick some serious butt. oh, also. you got me addicted to one direction. i know, weird. anyways, i'm going to see them next september, i better see you there. :))

love ya very much (seriously girl),
xoxo, farrah

Posted on: Nov 30th 2013, 5:51:38am

forever-myself writes:

kameryn , i love you so much.
it's not even explainable, i can't put it into words, but ill try. we've been friends for like, what? three years? best three years of my life. not just saying that, it's true. you became my friend when i was that little freak who liked neon colors and duct tape, you were so brave. and im glad you stayed friends with me.. then came those two birthday partys i got invited too, just dance, yes please. skype, facebook, and our phones that got us closer. but whenever aidan came along that just made our friendship stronger. we went through a really hard time with losing a best friend.. it was way harder for you, but we learned to laugh about it, and im so happy that happened. i know i can be a brat sometimes, and im a pain. thank for calming me down and being honest with me instead of blowing up in my face. can't fight fire with fire. stephen, oh gawd that child. he was put into your life for a reason and i have a feeling in my gut that its a good one. god put you through that hard time and he took you out of it, and its better now, right? right. you're so blessed. he's a chunk of heaven that only girls get to see, but you get to possibly have a relationship with him. now, matt. matt is your best guy friend, and you do like him, maybe not A LOT but you do. deep inside of you. and he does deep inside of him too, and i hope you get to be in a relationship with him, maybe not a romantic one but i hope everything works out the way you want it too. well while we are the subject of relationships, who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with you? you're bodys perf. your face is the most beautifully magnificent face i've ever seen in my entire life. your attitude and the way you talk to people is so well put together. your personality that is whats best. it's so role model like, i sometimes look up to you. and another thing your so selfless it's incredible. i've never seen anybody like you. yes, you are perfect. god made such a amazing creature and im blessed to even know you, im extra blessed that you like me, and im SUPER blessed to be so close to you. and i know that you have really low times in life, but that's what im here for, to guide you through them, like you help me. i know i may not always have the right words to make you feel better, but i do have ears, arms, and shoulders for you to cry on, hug on, and talk to me and ill listen. you can get tears all over my shirt, idc. as long as it'll make you feel better. that's all i can really put into words of how much you mean to me. you're my best friend, and if i lost you i probably wouldn't want to be alive. i couldn't survive the world without you. all my other feelings can not be put into words because they are such strong emotions i can't even understand. im so blessed to have you. i really am. and i hope you think the same thing about me as well, even though imma short freak. (you know it's true)
again, i love you so much.
kaayy, bye kameryn beautifullyperfect-markham-payne-gallardo-harris.♥

~ Andrea
{ { 11~25~12 } }

Posted on: Nov 26th 2012, 4:22:37am

exquisite. writes:
that doesn't really matter, kamfag. :(
i mean it's just a kiss, save it for someone special.
like matt. i mean, if you like him. but don't kiss
someone just to you know, have your first kiss.

Posted on: Oct 21st 2012, 2:56:35am

wicked. writes:
kameryn is a fag ♥

Posted on: Sep 15th 2012, 6:59:32am

rkf. writes:
I have to tell you something, I'm quitting.
I know you don't want me to but it's something I really need to do.
I remember when we met :3 And it was really awkward for me to make friends with anyone than it is now. And the only thing we had in common was my first name was your middle. ...Yes, I remember.. xD
And I remember when things got tough with John.. You told me everything would be okay.. You know what? It turned out just fine!
I want to tell you the exact same. When a guy breaks your heart, don't live in the past with it because it was truly meant to happen. If someone ever breaks your heart, God's telling you there's a better opportunity to be happy and you should take it without dwelling on the past.
I know moving along is a really tough road to take, I even found it hard myself, but hey? I ended up feeling the happiest I (now realized) have ever been and I know there's better out there for me. What I had was the best at the moment, but God gave me the chance to be happier. It was a long process, but it's worth it.
I know you've had guys that have been douches or have hurt you or somewhat forbidden love, but that's okay. You're only 13. Things will mature eventually when you meet more mature guys. You may know some now but it's really better to wait.
I ALSO KNOW you're probably thinking "what the heck, she's 15 why is she telling me wise stuff?"

xD Kam, really.. Just enjoy your life and live it fully and you can die with no regrets. <3
I love you, lots. You gave me a lot of spiritual guidance, so thank you <3

Posted on: Sep 7th 2012, 10:40:06am

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