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Name:   Yuni Niten
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I surprised myself in being back here.

The name's Yuni Niten and I'm going to say this immediately; I'm not human. I am a faerie, but I have been unable to use my powers for a few months. I am also 15 years old, and frankly don't know why I bother. My sisters and I were very close, but soon enough they each went their separate ways and I guess I stayed behind. The others, in order from oldest to youngest (I am the youngest, by the way) are: Kahvi, Kaki, and Ino.

You could say I grew bitter, coming home to realize no one was there, but that changed in weeks. I began to prefer the solitude and I handle it well. There is nothing more to it. You have to be pretty damn eye-catching for me to give you the light of day.

If you're expecting me to no longer have friends, that isn't exactly true. The only person I truly consider a friend at this point is a kid named Cas.

Usually I am out training. I started at around ten years and my teacher was a family friend, Satoshi. It was a pain in the ass. His tests left me more frustrated than ever and thinking about it makes my blood boil. Then the lessons stopped. To start new, I searched for a replacement blade, but I was stuck with my old one and memories of a mysterious gift. A sword given to me by a stranger that same year, whose power surpassed most by a negative force. It called to me.. And if I knew where I would be now, I would have kept it a secret until I knew how to use it.

Some dabbles in order to develop Yuni:
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hailys_1 writes:
Look OBVIOUSLY you aren't going to respond to my last rp message, so I am speeding it up and sending you another.

*a month later, late at night bar closing time*
Haily:*just taking out a nice warm damp rag cleaning off the bar's counter with the high bar stools on the other side, and looks around*
April: Aye, I am going to head to the temple, you cool with the fort tonight?
Haily: Yeah, just leave me the closing key and I'll head up stairs and get to bed.
April alright, and just in-case *sniffers her* Whiskey, vodka, and strong German beer. Good good smells like your a drunken sailor.
Haily:*raises an eyebrow*...go home your drunk. *chuckles a bit, as April leaves*
*continues and finishes off the long bar counter*

Posted on: Sep 24th 2013, 1:14:50am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*grabbing a few things as ino grabbed them for her too*
Ino::no mor running off okay? and stay with April.
Haily: alright *grabs the perfume and fabreeze from ino and she headed downstairs, knowing she can feel the nager from yuni and only knowing she cant do anything to change that yet*
April: you know where the bar is, so if you guys feel so you can visit, till then do about your business and no harm shall come right? *she smiled knowing it was very out of place, but she felt hope for Haily, she knows how it was to being outcasted and feeling pretty worthless, but she will come back home when things blown over with a better way of seeing things, and she wont cause as much drama.* Alright, we shall be off then *she and Haily begin to leave the house and she begins to pack up the truck*
Haily:*looking around, she wonders who exactly looked for her, what was going on, and what she missed*

Posted on: Jul 25th 2013, 8:19:15pm

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*knew yuni was pissed at anything and everything at that moment, she knew it was her fault. she felt horrid,its moments like these, she sometimes wished she was the one who got the bullet instead of Lulu, but she knew better, that wasn't the right way of thinking, but she felt like crap... no matter what she does she does it wrong, no matter if she tried to fix anything, she fucked it up worse. she got so mad, so freaking mad she just bolted, she broke the leash and she turned into a wolf, but this time she wasnt colored the light blue, no, she was grey with brown sploches and as she did so, it began to down pour. she just ran so far, so very far till she hit some corner in the city part of town, she saw an open sewage pupe and dived down. and she stayed there for several hours, throwing anything she saw around, and throwing herself at walls till she finally passed out. when she woke up, her coat was a still dark grey but the brown pigments went off, she went up still seeing it pouring, she looked in a puddle. she looked at it for a good hard while, looking at her reflection, till she slammed her paws down howling till she turned human, even though she was skyclad(nude) kneeling dowwn hunched over on the edge of the siewalk looking at the puddle in the street, she felt a warm jacket around her, she turned to see april.* They're looking for me aren't they..
April:For two days and still going on now.
Haily:I... I didnt mean to..
April: stop crying your heart out! wake up, we all have our madness, our darkness. our Anger like yuni. That tattoo she hides is with her darkness. My Fairy form changed by darkness and so does everyone else change by it. No one can escape madness, they however can control their wonderland, my dear Alice but its time to climb out the rabbit hole.
Haily:But I dont know how, and... I cant stop screwing things up for everyone... Im not what they want me to be
April:no, everyone story is different, just because you slightly interfered doesnt make you destined to forever condemn it. You show people, their issues and make them finally realize what they must do, you bring the worst to
show others what to do to fix it. But this is indeed a hard
talent, and you have people willing to teach you, if you are willing *she lends out her hand to Haily* Its up to you
to accept it. Not everyone can do things on their own.
Haily:O-okay *she shakenly takes it, and april teliports them back to the house waving a hault to everyone scrambling about* I got it. Haily, go shower will you? ill pack your things and prepare your clothes.
Haily:*feeling awkward, but goes up to the bathroom to shower*
Ino: Where was she all this friggin time? She could of been killed! Or found!
April:In a sewer, I watched over her don't worry, she will be staying at my inn. Yuni go get the Perfume we picked out for her, Ino go get her comfy items, I got clothes in the truck already. Also, if any of the you-know-whos are looking for her, dont let them know where she is, and if they spot her ill be having a close eye on her so she should be safe.
Pain: But we don't know if that certain someone will walk right into a bar, you need extra hands.
April: And you need to protect the house. Yuni and Ino can come visit to watch her

Posted on: Jul 25th 2013, 6:40:59am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*quickly gets up and starts to walk with her* okay okay *she doesn't really mind this much, except she almost choked her for a second, but that's whatever. She will barrow Ino's perfumes.*

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 6:36:18am

hailys_1 writes:
????: Oh Yay! *she squeeled over the perfume and went over to the counter and bought it, leaving a big tip forgetting the whole senario*
Eric:*turns to yuni and whispers a thank you while grabbing napkins for his blooded face* sorry you had to see that
????:*heads back over* oh and these things? nawww I love em' sharp, it keeps my sweety poo in check. isnt that right my little teddy bear?
Eric: of course. how about we get going now alright? *they leave very shortly*
Haily:*watcehd them leave seeing he had blood, making her suddenly cover her face into the grass* No, no Not having this!

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 6:18:49am

hailys_1 writes:
Eric:Not Much, just chilling.
Haily:*as she ran off.. Did she have to really do that... she wondered.. she knew how Eric was getting played so she now felt like she made the situation, worse. fuck. why is she such a fuck up? she sighed, calling his girlfriend and she walked back to her spot, sitting down and putting a leesh on herself. she better let yuni choke her around and have fun that way and have eric get in trouble with his girlfriend rather then getting something bad two times worse then she needed. she thought it was weird to have a leesh on her while she was human but she shrugged, laying down, yuni will win no matter what, and perfume doesnt last most of the day, but it works. Also she needs to stay away from luke so she had again, little choice. if only she didnt mess up. she will just mind as well quit her thief job and work for April, it has a good and honest ay of money and no one really steals anymore besides homeless people, her guild is dying out and the new recruits just keep getting... more retarded. Maybe she just not meant to fall in love. maybe she was just meant to stay a wolf. but she cant even use that cover up anymore, they will find her. she sighed. she cant use magic, she cant be a wolf, she cant love. she cant even have her own scent. this whole new stability thing isnt fun... but she will make due. Isnt that what Humans do? She expected yuni would know what to do but, it seems like shes on the boat of everyone else. why isnt Ino getting any ass? Oh yeah thats right.. shes trying to avoid luke, she knows what to do.. None the less she has to now answer to pain, answer to yuni, answer to Ino, it was a good thing she put herself on the leash cause now, Erics girlfriend finally showed up in her uhh....coral pink car? oh dear....*
????:*enters the store* Eric-pooo!!
Eric:*shudders at the sound of his girlfriend entering but turns grabbing some random perfume* Hey hun
????: Whats that *snatching it out his hand with her sharp nails, leaving a good jab in his hand where she draws blood* this isn't Paris Hilton babe, what the fuck? I TOLD you what Kind I like! *claws his cheek but he just stands there, stone cold, not even making a slightest jitter*
Lady manager: Your going to hav to take this outside ma'am...
????: NO! My daddy owns most of this town so you can shove it up your tight ass vagina or he will make you go out of business!

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 5:33:18am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*spots eric in the distance* YOU!!!
Eric:*startled at first but comes over, and takes a close look at her then realizes who she was* haily?
Haily: save a girl some skin! literally, please, go in there and distract yuni for me, im alleric to perfume and id end up in the hospital...
Eric: *raises an eyebrow but it had yuni in it the story and that was good enough for him, he headed in there after letting her run off and he spotted yuni, he was surprised at the new hair but he liked it on her, she looked very cute with it.* nice haircut

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 5:05:26am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*sighs, she should of known this would of resulted in this. but its not like yuini will take her sweet ass time to insure she will wear it every single day. also she has to find soemthing not to powerful for her nose so it has to be a weak one or she could get really sick from it. she then began to hope for a miracle to stop this, anything, a bird, a plane, a luke, a falling icecream truck for crying sakes!, this is worse then going to the vet! shes foiling Her plan! she cant! even a Cas would be good at this moment!*

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 4:57:43am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily: logic. I am being smart, now i dont look like me right? That means they wont know its me. Ill be some random butt chick that no one knows or cares about. Well besides you guys of course but.. *not Cas... unless he uses his nose but thats a one in a million chance. but it would be... nice if he remembers it.. gah blasphemy!*

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 4:32:57am

hailys_1 writes:
*goes up to the lady and with shy eyes* im ready if you have time.*as the girl takes her back to wash her hair she knew how much shock she will get and she only smiled wider at it. she took her into her seat after washing her hair and began to cut her hair to shoulder length in the back and choppy in the front she proceeded putting in the bleach, then after it settled in, she put in a bright red hair dye to it* a bit after haily was done. she went to go look for Yuni*

*picture NOW

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 3:57:31am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily: You shall see *she smiled sweetly at her entering and waiting in the chairs, with a hair cut magazine in her hands. She thought of all the possible outcomes. she grinned at the one idea, then another swarmed her mind... which possibility should she go for? she grinned at them all. thankfully she has her wadded cash in her pockets to do any of them and more* what are you getting done?

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 2:59:51am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*she suddenly got angered, but then... she frowned, and looked to the sky, should she give up? every brain cell says yes, but her heart says no... but she isnt even sure that he likes her, she isnt certain that he wants her. he hasnt come to actually go out on a hangout or date again, morally, shes been finding him. she had a tear, but then instantly whipped it, and changed it to locking that feeling up, she shouldn't cry, she should be harder* alright.. *she hated herself for saying that, but till he shown more, she had no more choices to choose from beside this one option. He hid so much from her, almost died and so forth thankfully she was there, but she knew how much danger and jeopardy she put them all in if she didn't stop until things cooled down... then she sparked her mind with a chill down her body, then gave a smile, she had an unusual idea.* hey since we are going to the salon, i might alter my appearance a little, to make it much safer for everyone of course.

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 2:40:47am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:O-okay*whipped her tears, listens to her and changes into normal clothes and heads to the salon with Yuni, curious at what she has to say, she knew she wasn't in her most happiest mood, but she wouldn't mind*

Posted on: Jul 24th 2013, 2:09:26am

hailys_1 writes:
Haily:*since now she turned back into a human, she skipped up to her and ino's giant room and she lays down on her old pup bed knowing her lil sis would of been proud of her. slowly slipping into a nice and happy snooze. as she drifted off in her sleep, she saw ino fall asleep in her bed too*

????:*shoots off a gun in the air*
Haily:*panics and gets up* who the? *she runs down to the front lawn none other to see* Pain!
Pain:*salutes with her general outfit on,hoisted the gun in the air* hello, Haily.
Haily: What have I said about guns? *attempting to control her anger, she knows that pain would do this despite her,
she knew also that its safer to have a gun in Pains hands but she still hates the machine all together, she could feel all her ice and cold turn into a boiling anger, no she wouldn't care if anyone, not even Cas seen how pissed she could get at them, it would make her point clear. But even better Pain didn't have no pistol, she ha a riffle in her hands.*
Pain:and what did I say about getting people killed?
Haily: Shut the fuck up and put that thing BACK where it came from or god so help me!
Pain: God didn't help lulu did he? At-least I had the balls to shoot the man before he shot you.
Haily:*she had enough, she went straight up to her sister, and bent the metal nostrils of the riffle up, just like hagrid did* Fuck you *she slapped her across the face, and went back inside just as Ino came out*
Ino:what the?
Pain:*was slightly shocked at the impact Haily had, she held the red heated mark from her face, but she gave ino a slight smile* Hey mom, nothing new today
Ino: *she rolls her eyes. she felt like she sometimes was actually their mother. A like Pain, she calls her mom, rather Haily calls her sister. once in a blue moon she will say mom but that's for another note* well first id say putting the riffle in the trash would be a good idea, and if you guys are going to fight, try to make it on another subject but that one, alright?
Pain: I shall try. No promises though if one slips.
Haily:*in her room, having tears fall on her and Lulu's bed, gripping on it tightly, she hated how Pain had always had such control over her emotions to get this anger. As if SHE was a werewolf.. none the less what if she was going to get in the way of her trying to be with Cas? or even worse... but she cant, mom likes the evil dude, so that means they will both be okay and alive... but with pain here, how can she just let Pain walk right all over her... she needed someone who was a heart-breaker, who can piss off others, who was rough and independent.... someone like Yuni but its not like she had time to help Haily with that stuff.*

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2013, 10:35:44pm

hailys_1 writes:
Ino:*befure going in the house raises her middle finger to April and closes the door. and heads in with a bright red face* I'm not getting any ass, and he would only want my ass. for one night and that shit doesn't go down *swooshes her hand past Haily* am I right Haily?
Haily:*puts on a night gown* nope, but I am sure your panties do.
Ino: see- WAIT WHAT *glares at her* Haily!!
Haily:*giggles* kidding kidding. to irresistible not too.
Ino: Why I outta!! *goes to grab Haily but her body turns into snow* Curse you!
Haily: hey, you have done it before to me~~

Posted on: Jul 18th 2013, 10:58:20pm

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