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Name:   Damien Treece
Birthday:   1992-09-18
Joined:   2010-07-19
Hello, I'm Damien Treece. I'm 17 years old and I'm a senior in Demon Academy. I don't believe I belong there, but others are afraid to be by me. Well, I understand why, because I can tell when someone's going to die or not.

This was the last picture taken of me, but my hair has grown past my shoulders, so don't expect my hair length to be this.

I’ve been in a demon high school since some accident on my last year of middle school. It was something stupid though, so it makes no sense how it supposedly changed me.

I just turned 14 and my parents were taking me to my ex-best friend’s house for a sleepover. Everything was fine until we stopped near the house. I saw some person running with a bloody and rusty knife. My heart nearly sunk into the pit of my stomach in fear because he was heading towards the neighborhood I was going to. I yelled at my parents to do something, but they somehow didn’t see it. I saw him continuing to run as we made the turn. I felt blood rush away from my face as I saw him go inside my friend’s house. I screamed bloody murder, causing my dad to swerve and slam the brakes. “What the hell is your problem, Damien?!” He yelled, looking at me angrily. “D-Dad, you didn’t see that?! Some psychotic killer just ran into April’s house!” I yelled, opening the door. “Damien Treece, you get back in this car, right now!” My mother commanded, but I ignored her and ran inside her house. You might’ve called me crazy, but I didn’t know what I was doing either. I opened the door, which surprised me since usually her door was jammed or locked. I ran in and looked around. I scanned everywhere and ran down the hall into the kitchen. I froze as blood began to spread towards me. My eyes widened and I looked up, seeing April holding a bloody and rusty knife with my other friends on the floor. She dropped the knife, falling onto her knees as she began to repeat that she didn’t mean to do it. I stared with complete horror and took a step back, running as quick as possible outside. “Call the police!” I screamed, my parents running out to see what happened. They ran in and their gasps of shock informed me they had seen it. I saw the psychotic person inside, grinning as the knife gained more blood. He ran straight towards me and I wanted to scream, run, but I couldn’t. He grabbed my hand, pulling me towards him using a gust of wind. His knife went straight into my left eye. It didn’t feel like anything, but my head just began to pulse. He began to fade as my vision began to follow. I slowly shifted to the side as my hearing followed and I felt myself hit the floor.
After that, it was just a whole bunch of crap that confused me. I ended up seeing that psychotic guy 3 mores times afterwards. I saw others as well and I began to make sense of a few.

Anyway, besides that, life was fine, until I went to the demon high school I was assigned to.
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