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im tha cutest soo back off

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Name:   cute_anime_girl
Birthday:   1992-02-13
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this is a story

(at school)P.E teacher:okay kids.change into your p.e outfits because were gonna do P.E!!kiko:umm.. P.E teacher.P.E teacher:yes kiko.kiko:never mine.P.E teacher:EVEYBODY CHANGE NOW!!!(in the girls locker)nao:P.E is think P.E is great!!nao:*looks at kikos body*.kiko:hello are you talking to me NAO?nao:oooo WOW.*looks in boobs*nao:hey kiko.stay there dont move.kiko:oookay???nao:*shakes boobs up and down*kiko:AHHHHHHHHHHHH!kiko:what are you doing to me nao?kiko:*takes kikos bra off and shakes it more*kiko:ouch ouch.kiko:you have bigger boobs then me like OMG!!you have a cute face and you have BIG boobs!!kiko:LET GO OF ME LET GO OF ME.nao:okay ill stop.kiko:*puts bra back on*WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU WERE DOING!!?nao:im your freind come closer to me.kiko:*walks closer to nao*nao:lay down.kiko:but why?.nao:just lay down.kiko:*lays down*kiko:im getting sleepy *yawns*nao:finally yes.nao:*takes bra off*kiko:*sleepy*nao:*lays down on her*nao:it fills good.kiko:somethings squishy and big.nao:lol.kiko:*kisses boobs*nao:HARDER HARDER DO IT MORE HARDER KIKO!!kiko:*takes bra off*kiko:you know what nao?i love this.nao:my boobs u kiss my boobs and i kiss your boobs.kiko:okay.(P.E)P.E teacher:where is kiko and nao they take forever getting ready?mikuru:they do take forever.hey P.E teacher lets go to the girls locker.P.E teacher:okay lets look in the window.everybody look in the window foloow me.(girls locker)P.E teacher:shh everybody be quite shh.*looks in window*mikuru:O-M-G!!P.E teacher:shh i say to be quite... O-M-G!!(girls locker)kiko:how long were gonna do this nao?nao:even more.kiko:ur boobs are BIG too!!nao:i know lets kiss.kiko:huh no no nooo!!nao:*kisses kiko*nao:were sexy!!kiko:*SIGHS SIGHS SIGHS*nao:*SIGH SIGH SIGH*kiko:*SIGHS*mikuru:im going to knock the door this is gross!!*knocks on door*kiko:*SIGH SIGH SIGH SIGH*kiko:o.nooo.nao:what cmon you love this kiss me.i know i do lovwe you.but WE FORGOT ABOUT P.EEEE!!!nao:o.o. and somebody is knocking on the door.kiko:hurry hurry up.*changes clothes into P.E*nao:you could come.mikuru:i saw you kiss and hugging and boobs and... and..nao:*kisses mikuru*mikuru:*GASP*mikuru:*SIGH SIGH SIGH SIGH*nao:nice boobs.mikuru:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.kiko:oops hehe.mikuru:cmon we gonna do P.E.Nao:okay??its boring!.kiko:lets just do it nao.nao*sigh*(P.E)nao:im wearing my mini skirt.*takes skirt off and shirt and bra*mikuru:please dont do this outside your nasty!!nao:its cool DUH!!mikuru:will dont kiss me ur gross.kiko:*shows off boobs and people looks*(class)teacher:okay kids time to go home.*bell ring*kiko:NAO WAIT!!!nao:what happend.kiko:the hott stuff we did in the locker....was.nao:sexy.nao:hey kiko come to my house we will do hott stuff in my room.kiko:okay!!!nao:lets go!kiko:your sexy.nao:your sexy too.*kisses*nao:lets do it ONLY in my room.kiko:kk.(naos house)kiko:what a pretty house you got here its great.nao:thank you.kiko:you welcome.kiko:im getting hungry.nao:you will eat something in my room.kiko:like what.nao:come.(naos room)kiko:o wow your room is blue and sprakle.cute nao lol hehehehe!!nao:you make me blush.nao:my cheeks are pink and red.kiko:me too.kiko:my cheeks are pink and red.nao:sit down in my bed.u said you wanna do something sexy.kiko:sureee.nao:lay down.nao:ill lay down too.kiko:okay.nao:let me take me shirt off and my braa.kiko:okay do it.kiko:i dare you to do something hott!!nao:okay here i go.nao:*takes shirt off and braa off*nao:O.. NOOOOOOOO.kiko:whats wrong nao.kiko:are you all right.nao:im shaking my boobs up and down.kiko:hey whats this.nao:something why/kiko:WOW ITS THE PLASTICH SURGEY TO MAKEE YOUR BOOBS GROWW.kiko:I DIDNT KNOW YOU HAVE THIS.nao:o use that it makes ur boobs grow bigger.kiko:okay.*puts plastic surgey on boobs*kiko:soo how does it works.nao:let me oush the on button.nao:but kiko be careful.that plastic surgey hurts.kiko:do it.nao:*pushes button on*kiko:OUCH OUCH.kiko:*crys*nao:i told you it hurts now let me take it off.kiko:OKAY OKAY DO IT IT HURTS!!nao:*takes plastic surgey off*nao:PHEW that was a close one.nao:NOW YOU HAVE BIGGER BOOBS LIKE MEEE!!kiko:cool.lets sit in ur bed.nao:okay.(DONT LOOK PEOPLE ITS KINDA NASTY)kiko:wow!!nao:wow thank you for coming to my room and my house.nao:your my best friend forever.kiko:lol awwww you too nao.kiko:bye nao:nao:bye kiko.(kikos house)kiko:wow talk about loveeee!!!

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