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Once upon a time I was feeling in love , now I'm only falling apart there's nothing I can do , Total Eclipse Of The Heart ♡♡

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Birthday:   1995-10-24Country:   Romania
Joined:   2010-03-27Location:    City of Flowers
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Name:   Luana
Birthday:   1995-10-24
Joined:   2010-03-27
Location:    City of Flowers
Uploads:   59 graphics 
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kawaiiyuna writes:

thank you, you are much prettier than the both of US.

Posted on: Oct 11th 2010, 5:54:16pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

<<<its stuff luana loves XD

I am fine hun, Seeing you makes me feel better ^^ , thank you sweetyyy
yeahhh kkkkk thank you i know can i not believe Lu chan <3
Copy link then for the dress:

British guys......dunno, like who???
dont feel bad hehehe fighting n i love you moreeee.........yeah im addicted to Tumblr now XD
kkkkkkkkkkk dw about me im really fine today...i took hot bath i should stop taking them lolll
a friend told me its bad for my body but i cant take cold bath that would be crazy!!
LOL math aigoooo....always math teachers are like this , they have serious problem XD
uknow if u done nothing wrong dont be scared....ask her if u dont know something
some teachers hates u if u ask a smart Question thou LOL
Good luck and Do your best hun <3 dont you have a babo teacher as in she acts like a kid???
those ppl are fun <3 also teachers who are very calm and smart they are so freaking charming!

Rude to you?? how is that sweety?? yeah okay
uknow always 2nd &3rd year of highschool use to show off and look down ON 1st year
to teach them some manners......i did that LOLL
srsly 1st year always are so freakin' energetic and trouble makers...we dont fight we are calm really
but no one knows of them
i saw first "girl fight" in highschool when i was in 3rdyear, the 1st year girls are still kids thats why!

no i didnt, I'll listen to it XD okayyy
rest well and HAVE lots of fun tomorrow~
I love you soooooooooo much beautiful......... pika pikaaaa~ ;3

Posted on: Oct 11th 2010, 5:46:09pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

kkkkk you are so sweeeet
and this one is late too >< well i was so sick...n im fine now!!! half fine....loll in case i reply late again
bom hair color is realllllllyyyy sooo red...i wouldnt dare to dye it :X
it looks good on her <3
lolll no i dont have many shoes....not more than 20 lolll
omg i like them all <3 the first 2 dresses i havent seen them in here XD
but the 3 i did n i wanted to have it Lolll but so many girls are buying it these days
it would be funny if i go there wearing same dress with another girl or 3!! loll
i bought a dress this time long dress...i want to look elegant
i tried to take pic with phone camera XC looked pretty bad aigooo looked like shining blue or watever
lee hyori's Dress its the same color
kinda simillar to my dress but not 30%alike...the back isnt open nor either from the sides XD
lolll yeah...its all koreans fault.......i so like korean guys that i cant look at any other guy lolll

oh well bcuz of this weather im suffering T^T aigooo i have flu!!! n i had a really high fever
can u believe i cried LOL im shocked now...i just rememberd loll
how baby of me!!! :/ but my body was really hurting...n when mom puts wet towel on me it doubles the pain like 4times!
i seee~ AVON is nice i really like their stuff <3

awwwwwwwwie its you <3 i love your tumblr SUPERHERO!! its sooooooo cute

LOVE you WAY More SunShine <3
i missed you so much...feels like i havent talk to u for ages T^T

Posted on: Oct 10th 2010, 7:36:47am

kawaiiyuna writes:

awwwwww that pic is my dp in Twitter XD i liked it too!
loll u r obsessed with bows its good to be like this tho XD makes you happy right?
i'm obsessed with Shoes the most and clothes...i buy aloooott
today i threw some old stuff and things i wont wear.....they are like 10 only
i couldnt throw anything heart hurts XD i know i wont wear some but i keep them loll
and i didnt threw any shoe!! ><; i wont!!! neveeeeeeaaaa!!
kkkk playful kiss is really funny its like the next Boys over flowers! omg n the girl isnt she simillar to Yoon Eun hye
like alooooot , their lips the same srsly n same smile but YEH prettier...

it makes me wish if YEH was in the drama!!

im not excited for the wedding cuz i didnt get anything done yet...again HE is my cousin
so ill be under the light :/ i hate it even thou its cool!
when you grew up honey you will get invited aloooooot n u will get bored of the too much invites
u will See! just remember what i said.....also seeing them makes me feel lonely :/ even thou im happy
why does they make me feel this way!

i want it to be windy here toooo <3 its hot but cloudy !!
awwwwwwwwn strawberry care set!!! so adorable~
they are must be so nice!! how much it takes there to receive them??
forgive me for late reply okay??? saranghaeeee Xoxo

Posted on: Oct 7th 2010, 1:52:47pm

shawol. writes:

my name is Ingrid(:
nice to meet you Luana.
yup, im a total huge Shawol:D
i like other k-pop artists too
SHINee's my favorite. BoA's second. then the list continues(;

Posted on: Oct 7th 2010, 2:56:00am

kawaiiyuna writes:

kkkkkkkkk was going to keep that comment XD soo cute!! dw i deleted it!
its okay dun say sorry, i also reply n go sleep or do watever i have to
thank you hun i appreicate it, *gives you a big hug*
yeah i saw it on tv XD....yup ...awwww its cute thats my hairstyle at home like 24hrs
i dont let my hair down at home, its look cute on them more on me XD
wow 100 bows!!!! put a cute lil bow on your bangs its cute!!

its not YEH, that is Park Shin Hye from "You're beautiful" drama with jang geun seok <3
its really fun to watch and so awesome i love it alot, apple loves it too XD so much!
the story is kinda simillar as in the girl pretends to be a boy "to be her twin brother" and join this band
and lives with them......etc
but yoon eun hye does have a new drama "Love Song" not filmed yet :(

i googled "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" looks niceee!
kkkkk and im fine today...ill go shopping looking for a dress n shoes
another wedding coming ><; not excited at all
and hows you?


Posted on: Oct 6th 2010, 12:21:07pm

shawol. writes:

oh it's okay(;
talk then add(:

Posted on: Oct 5th 2010, 6:28:11am

kawaiiyuna writes:
LOL told u id know how <3
awwwwwwwwwwwwwie thank you for replying me so fast
didnt think ud have time so i turned off my comp XD
i stayed up with bro watching star king <3 so we got married is airing
even thou i saw watching it again its fun <3
*hugs u* thank you sweety ~ oh yeah make tumblr id follow you <3 its really fun
thanx for loving means alot to me!!!
hmmm i dunno.......if my bro have time ill tell him to take me to hairdresser
wanna cut it or something....not sure!!
I love you way moreeeeee
nomu saranghaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chinguyaaaaaaa

i love your profile, so pretttttttttty <3

Posted on: Oct 5th 2010, 5:10:45am

kawaiiyuna writes: im even more intrested to how you pronunce it!!
im sure i can, isnt it "ee wa na"?

lolll sooo cute im glad ur brother is fine XD thats whats kidz do ..
but u need to be carefull, aigooo that kid so adorable <3
oh loll.....omg you are that busy!
read it at weekends.......everything have to be pushed to weekends
lol so weekends gonna get busy too
i think i like october too.........its your bday in october <3
happy birthday already XD
i love you soooo much bunny
have a wonderfull dayy

Posted on: Oct 4th 2010, 12:24:17pm

kawaiiyuna writes:
Heyyy~ Luanaaaaa~
so many ppl called Ioana in your country
whats your name means???

thank you sweeeety <3
omo omo is he okay??? LOL it is funnyyy but scary
awwwwww how adorable~~ i hope he is okay .
listen to korean music while studying ;D or turn Tv on while doing HW
but make sure no one sees you XD
i was going to youtube some old videos now i need to go out with bro to library aigooo X/
ill go change my clothes <3
do your best at school....i need shower too!
thank you hun, i wish you the same and even more *tight hug*
Love you soooooo much. u too~

Posted on: Oct 3rd 2010, 11:02:41am

kawaiiyuna writes:

im fine~~~ missed u so much
its been soooo long!! aigoooo
my bro is getting better dw , he have "Umbilical Hernia" i was like HUH D=
its a lil cut in his stomach, so the doctor said if he heals by itself then this is great
if it doesnt then he must go for a surgery
he is my yongest brother btw!

its okay baby its really fine, dont worry about anything
u have weekends just say "Hi" <3
glad u like it aigooo why would u give me ur life T^T keep living it!!
anywayz i missed you loooooooootsss
everyone does im sure <3
i know you are busy but the most important is YOU MUST BE HAPPY!
LOVE you
In my friend, I find a second self!

Posted on: Sep 29th 2010, 2:43:42pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

imissed you alot :(
i made this banner for you
hope you like it

Posted on: Sep 26th 2010, 2:18:04pm

~.giina.~ writes:
stopping by to wish you
a happy saturday<3

Posted on: Sep 25th 2010, 3:33:39am

shawol. writes:

hello there(:

Posted on: Sep 20th 2010, 5:36:50am

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