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Once upon a time I was feeling in love , now I'm only falling apart there's nothing I can do , Total Eclipse Of The Heart ♡♡

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Birthday:   1995-10-24Country:   Romania
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Name:   Luana
Birthday:   1995-10-24
Joined:   2010-03-27
Location:    City of Flowers
Uploads:   59 graphics 
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5dolls. writes:

love 5dolls?

Posted on: Feb 21st 2011, 4:56:40pm

jumbiethecookie writes:
HEy! How are you?
Long time no talk! I miss you.

Posted on: Feb 21st 2011, 8:33:56am

kawaiiyuna writes:

yeah of course, i so love the pic~
ill be jiyeon then..she is pretty <3 thank youuuuuuuuuuuu *hugs u*
yeah true...i like him with long hair more <3

aaaaaaaaah glad to hear it, ohhhh japanese ppl..awesome!!!!!
okay cant wait to see the pics <3
hahahaha you are funny..u dont want to waste 7 hours at school XD
if there is another place you could be at for 7hrs everyday what would it be?

oh i see...well its not sam-dong whos hurting hye-me, she is the one hurting him
he did everything for her, he was always by her side then he saw her with jin-gook
she hurt him so will see later and you will understand
then he didnt want to talk to her, to meet her or even go to school!
+ he is losing his hearing ability i think cuz of that incident when he saved hye-me
He gave her his all </3 poor him T__________T

wow thats nice, yeah i love to dance on korean songs XD, japanese then american!
oh i see Good luck darling, yeah i remember know her name is like
the korean kingdom "silla" XD its amazing!
add + queen seon deok to your drama list to know more about their history!
I followed seila her blog is cuuuuuute <3 awesome!!! "Korean hero" and "vanilla Hero" <3
omg what a lovely gift..take a pic of it ..i wanna see it

im fine,, i was sad past few days :( i was bored from everything
now im fine kkkk i made me new tumblr this morning for fashion, ulzzangs and so
i clicked Creat new blog, now the same ppl can follow me on both
but i cant follow same ppl DX it will tell me i already follow u
i still cant figure this out....what if i want to follow someone as nae-style :/ i shouldve made a new account right
anways Hows you?? missed you dongseang so much~
say hi to seila, your cousin and maxxi <3
love ya xoxo

have a beautiful day

Posted on: Feb 18th 2011, 5:04:51am

$asuke uchiha writes:

Added You :D Hope we can be friends!!

Posted on: Feb 17th 2011, 8:12:32am

homy writes:
hi! i'm homy
i really raelly rally wanna b friends with u
& btw added you pls add me back

Posted on: Feb 16th 2011, 1:10:27pm

kawaiiyuna writes:
you are my Princess !

kkkkk i am, Hello Ioanna~ i love the gif, Her SMILE His SMILE<3
wohaaaaa sounds like a pretty place
would love to go there <3
OMG castels!!! DRACULA!!! WOW wanna go...u took pics?
how did it look like?? im interested now XD
i missed you much MORE <3
omo omo omo omoo So adorable!!! its looking at me *dies* super cuteee~
Hello Maxxi~~~ what an adorable eyes !
yeah you are right, thats why i follow only ppl who i like their reblogs and posts XD
hahaha no one feels good when they are talking about school unless something fun is going to happen XD
waaaaa why hye-me and jin-gook, i think she is better with Sam-dong
ep 10 ending hurts so much T___T and ep 11 is so much cooler but sad
IU is so adorable i love her voice and that song she sang at the hospital <3
No i dont know GLEE...American series??
hahaha im great, i danced alot today XD
and now i brought cup of tea...Cookies and Chocolate biscuits cuz im going to watch my princess <3 ep11
how about you?? how you doing?? what are you doing now ? XD
pogoshiptaaaa, i love you dongseang <3
take care

the link was right XD
and thank you <3 you r so sweet
love ya

Posted on: Feb 9th 2011, 1:48:40pm

chaotik. writes:
ur verii pretii do yoo accept adds?

Posted on: Feb 8th 2011, 6:50:40pm

kawaiiyuna writes:

HELLO my Shining STAR~
...I miss YOU...

im more hehe, ohh ..omg u r so thoughtful and cute
unni got busy and couldnt reply you earlier, im hanging more with my cousins lately ><
my hand got hurt when i fell ...and supported myself with my hand and it got a lil cut but it was so painful
kekeke its been weeks but there is still a scar :( hope it goes away...
awesome~ will u probably have maxxi pics by now~ upload upload~~
nana yeah she is pretty, your blog is awesome though..
omg you are following 850 ppl on BT!! i only follow 300ppl and i was thinking of unfollowing some lol
in Here its holiday so thats why everyone is so busy with their holidays
i want to travel too :( wanna visit korea~~
coffee prince~ i miss this drama <3 yeahhhh princess and dream high are my obsession now <3
kkkk im fine sweety, just doing my best to enjoy my time like everyone since im not going anywhere :/
loll btw my younger brother said Hi~ (14y.o)he liked spongebob pic lol

hows you now??
Have a wonderful day, love ya~~~

Posted on: Jan 30th 2011, 10:54:46am

gotfake? writes:

Got Fake.?


Posted on: Jan 24th 2011, 8:35:20pm

~.giina.~ writes:
Have A Lovely Saturday,


Posted on: Jan 22nd 2011, 3:33:17am

kawaiiyuna writes:
Missed You...

its okay darling, i was busy as well like so much...couldnt even reblog much on tumblr :(
wohaaaa its been so long since i saw a good movie lol...must be nice!
sounds great...its still cold here!!omg mean a puppy? small one XD must be cute
i wanna seeeeeee pleassssssssee...oh how sad...poor him he lives away from you
well i dont like dogs to be in the house too!
oh sounds good, okay then...ill wait for the pics<3 wanna see maxxi
i love the name <3 you named it?
lol you are adorable!! oh well...thank you AHAHAHaHaHa
yeah SNSD now gained more expreince and they look more awesome
omg you love taylor swift soo much XD you noticed everything...
im fine...bit busy but dont worry..soon everything will goes back to normal XD
i missed you so much *hugs u* in my spare time i take one hour to watch an episode from kdrama
today i saw "my princess" so much fun....i really love kdramas it makes my day wonderful

i love you much more, HAVE a wonderful day and a lovely Night~

Posted on: Jan 20th 2011, 9:49:39am

kawaiiyuna writes:
Oh! Oh! Oh! Ioana saranghae~♪~
♫ Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! manhi manhi hae ♥

HEllo, how are you darling??
thank you sweety , ill tell him my lil sister ioana says Hi ♥
yeah iv gone through that...wohaa kpop is such a fun world <3
kkkkk i love your tumblr, you really have a cute style everything just looks awesome with you
unlike ur Unni :( you are JANG! means BEST!
i saw the drama "my princess" when i was at ep4 i saw Gi kwang from BEAST
omg i was so happy to see him there...i adore this guy~ ♥♥♥
wohaaa taylor looks soo cute, i like her style too so fits her much more
the bangs looks so good on her <3

i love you for real too, it never was unreal.
love ya, forever and always <3

Posted on: Jan 14th 2011, 10:56:56am

kawaiiyuna writes:

Hello darling, how are you??
something crazy had happened to me >< im glad everything is fine now..
my cousin got into an accident...and they said he is dead (he is not)..that was such a shock at 2am
we stayed awake and running around until 5am my mom fainted..his mom kept on screaming..
they said he is fine now..and nothing serious happened...he is back home..
omg that was such a shock, im glad he is alive and so happy to see him talking and laughing! he is around ur age!

yeah you are lately not much into kpop what happened to you loll..yeah its many ppl fav "it hurts"
its not my fav at all lol but i like it thou..secret's new hairstyles are cute but no way id do it!
yeah make a kpop tumblr its would be great and we can reblog each other..awwww so cute
make it Okay and let me know <3 , Hwaiting!! i cant wait for it!
i just noticed rain is online on twitter so i said HI Lol iv been acting like a crazy after that LOL
awesome, im sure they will be pretty gifs <3
I'm your real sister...just living overseas for awhile..
i love you so much <3
have a wonderful day~~

Posted on: Jan 13th 2011, 10:06:52am

kawaiiyuna writes:
here what i found about JointWire ..its FAKE!



Were some loser to send you a link where it says people are talking trash bout you, don’t worry, it’s fake.

I got one, and I’m all “WHAT IS THIS. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.”

So I did some digging instead of my homework.

There’ll be some “site” where people are all saying what a fake you are. And there will be links to “Photos” and etc.

But before you can view them, here’s the catch, YOU NEED TO DO SOME QUIZ.




And you shall be safe.

told ya!

Posted on: Jan 9th 2011, 9:08:22am

kawaiiyuna writes:
Let me seeya LaLaLaLa Love me hey YaYaYaYa

hehe its Hara From Kara not F(x)..lovely gif <3
its okay darling, yeah...Good luck (^w^)0

wohaaaa that cold!!!!!!....waaah must be fun <3
yeah the make up and clothes at YG is really something, YG are rich cuz of BigBang and se7en i think
and became more rich cuz of 2ne1....but they put the money in their mvs so its awesome unlike SM.
Floral <3 i want!! lol sooo cute~ i didnt see SNSD's CF?
awwwwwww soo cute YURI & Tiffany <3 <3 looks much prettier~
i love her look!!..did You see "Secret - Shy Boy" ? so cute youtube it~
i dont get it ...that link u gave me doesnt work, but since u said it like that..
propably an ad link or virus link...uknow like.."check my pics" "your pic been uploaded here :O"
"ppl talk on U" ..etc.....dont give it much attention...if someone wants to tell you something
they better tell u in the face not hiding SO dont worry..everything is alright! and it was nothing.
dont just open links from anyone!

take care of urself

Posted on: Jan 9th 2011, 9:05:34am

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